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Mobile tracker free: features and peculiarities

Many people believe that using spyware is prohibited on the territory of many countries. There is some correction about this fact because the violation of the law is considered to be entering into a private property and personal information of people, but who says you cannot monitor their funds and assets. It is an analogy to hidden cameras if they are in your store or home. It is a property protection system, but if you are illegally spying from a neighboring apartment, then it is a crime.

Mobile tracker free app is designed as a monitoring tool that will help you not only solve the endless problems with the staff, but also optimize the operation of the enterprise itself. Everyone knows that the human factor leads to dysfunction of the working mechanism. What do your employees do on their computers during working hours?

Do they do their job diligently, or let themselves relax for hours on social networks, blogs, watching movies and other stuff? This time tracker can be accomplished through a unique program to punish offenders of the working order, clearly establish their objectives and coordinate their work directly from your office.

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How does the tracker work?

This free software can take a photo of your worker’s phone screen and send it to your online account, thus any time; you can see what your employee is busy with. You also get a keylogger included into the app that reads all the data that is entered from the keyboard. You will see the full text of everything that is typed on the keyboard. Now you’ll not only know what employees say in Skype chats or other communication programs, but you can learn their opinion about you and work directly.

This program is a regular world practice, which is used in almost every successful company during a probation period for employees. Just in the first month, you will be a 100{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} sure that you have selected the right employees. They are devoted to working and the process of enterprise prosperity, not just for salary. The tracking program can be installed on your PC.

Your personal benefits

Why and what will it give to you personally? It’s very simple because while you are away from your computer, you can view your files and download confidential information, or vice versa. With the program, you will now see what was typed on your PC, what was installed on it, and what files were downloaded, as another feature of spyware is tracking downloads.

Tracking staff is not always unlawful, but also necessary, as in the first place it comes to your safety, the safety of your property, as well as productive, operational work, which can also be organized with the help of this program.