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Nixie Tube Watch: Awesome Design and Convenience in Use

If you like stylish products with an attention-grabbing design, you might be interested in check out Nixie Tube Watch. Produced by Millclock, a Ukrainian company, the product is comprehensively checked for any issues, which ensure the highest quality and a long service life. It takes just seconds to have a look at the watch to understand why they are so special.

Who Should ChooseNixie Tube Watch?

The watch by Millclock comes with an extraordinary, a bit aggressive, yet appealing design. If you are one of those who like a futuristic style, the watch is just perfect for you. These glowing digits will definitely attract attention and will make you stand out from the crowd. The product comes with software and necessary features, ensuring its reliability and convenience. It is large enough to be noticeable, but it is not heavy and can be easily hidden under the sleeve of your shirt.

How Does It Work?

The watch uses the same technologies as other Millclock products. The device comes with a glow discharge, the plasma produced due to contact of electric current with a gas. It is achieved by the action of a voltage between 2 electrodes in a glass tube containing a low-pressure gas. Once there is the striking voltage in the device, the tube starts glowing with a light, which color depends on the type of the gas.

What Features Does It Have?

There are various Nixie Tube Watches that you can find on the Internet, and that available on the website of Millclock comes with a stunning design and various helpful options. All of their watches are assembled in Ukraine and then carefully checked to ensure the highest durability.

Nixie Tube Watch V1.0 that you can check out at comes with a USBcharger, which is very convenient. It features a black anodized aluminum case, thanks to which the device is protected from any mechanical damage. The time is shown inside of Nixie tubes in a special way.

What Are the Main Advantages of Nixie Tube Watch?

The following are the main benefits that you can enjoy if you purchase Nixie Tube Watch from Millclock:

  • Stunning, extraordinary design;
  • Durable battery ensures the long operation without a need to charge your device;
  • Reliable, stylish, and lightweight case;
  • Micro USB connector allowing charging your watch using a PC or other power sources;
  • The level of charge is under control thanks to the special indicator;
  • Reasonableprice making the product affordable for everyone.