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Optimizing Your Mac OS X Workflow Via A Free VPN Service

A Virtual Private Network is a kind of an Internet connection that enables the user to build a secure connection between a mobile device, a server and a computer. The best part of this service is that it provides a secure connection where all traffic is “tunneled” via a cryptographic system.

This makes it impossible for hackers to access your data. There are various implementations of a VPN service but the basic concept is via a secure connection where multiple devices and computers can remain on the same virtual network.

What is a VPN?

If you have received files through a server using a Free WI-FI network then that server will be exposed to the public. Operating a VPN is a lot more secure than simply just opening ports that are present on a firewall, which can really cause you security risks.

VPN for the Mac

Apple’s OS X gives it support to VPN services by providing an option to establish a VPN server. To avail all the advantages of VPN service, download free Mac VPN. This server receives and handles all incoming connections from devices and computers.

A VPN server can be created both on server version and consumer version of OS X 10.6. There are services that provide a comfortable to use dedicated graphical user interface for creation and management of VPN servers. This entire system handles all the incoming VPN connections.

Can I create a VPN server on my Mac instead of subscribing to external services?

Your Mac device has an inbuilt assistance for efficient management of VPN connections. A Mac VPN server comes with several interesting benefits perks. Besides forming a safe connection, a VPN server that runs on your Mac will enable you to access your PC from a remote location. With the VPN connection between your iPhone / iPad and your Mac, you will be able to access an external hard drive using the same local IP address.

Establishing a VPN connection on a MAC brings security irrespective of subscribing to a paid service or setting up a free server on the OS X device. There are several options that can help you experience the benefits of a VPN service. The latest iOS version comes with highly developed business and corporate features that include VPN support.

How to set up VPN server on a Mac machine?

You need to follow several steps for setting up a VPN service on a MAC machine. All that needs to be done is to select the type of server, type in credentials of your account and finally paste your personalized secret key. This key can be generated, randomly.

Ensure that you pick the beginning and ending IP addresses and restart your device. These IP addresses are those that your router assigns to your computer to connect remotely via VPN. When you boot the machine, you will find that the VPN server will be running smoothly.


A VPN connection is the best and the safest way to enable a user securely connect to a private network on the Internet. This method will help you to use your MAC OS by establishing a VPN service for free and in the most optimal way for your needs.