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Peppol e-Invoicing Platform

As you are looking for the peppol services, it is important to stick to reliable and trustworthy access point providers. It is important to use the peppol go services from the accredited providers to make sure that your documents exchange can be conducted smoothly.


Depending on the country where you are running your business, the accreditation to your e-invoicing AP provider should be granted by the formal authorities. For instance, if your business is running in New Zealand, you will want to use the peppol services provided by the company accredited by MBIE – Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment.


Meanwhile, for the businesses who are operating in Australia, the accreditation to your AP providers should come from ATO – Australia Tax Office. Consider checking on your countries’ authorities first, then cross-check them with the providers who claim to have an accreditation. If they can’t prove their accreditation, you may skip them for good.


Finding the peppol partner for your business e-invoicing is not an overnight solution. There are some things you will want to explore first before proceeding.


Check your provider’s accreditation


The phrases to consider are “accredited” and “certified,” to be specific.


Members of OpenPEPPOL may be eligible to get competency certification as a result of their participation.


Regional authorities grant approval, which is subsequently subjected to rigorous capacity and security testing. Therefore, the accredited or certified providers will likely give much better results in the e-invoicing tasks of your company.


According to some, Certified Providers have decided to use this image while claiming to be accredited to provide services in Australia and New Zealand.


There is no more information provided (more about that soon). It does not imply that they have finished the ATO procedure or obtained MBIE accreditation. Extensive research needs to be done. For some businesses, it is much better for them to meet with the representatives of the providers than to contact them through online means of communication.


Throughout the certification process, elements such as cybersecurity, local presence, and acceptance of local jurisdiction are all scrutinized, as is the ability to handle local invoicing.

Do you need to become an OpenPEPPOL member?



When you connect to an AP service, it does not mean that you have to be the provider yourself. Instead, you could use the service from the official access point provider to help you out.


The provider of your access point must be a member of OpenPEPPOL.


OpenPEPPOL is a global non-profit organization responsible for establishing and implementing world-class PEPPOL e-invoicing standards.

The provider must be an OpenPEPPOL member and vouched by the officials to conduct their services in your country.


They are constrained by the norms and rules. So, they can guarantee the best deliverances of the peppol services as you require.  In OpenPEPPOL, the membership is not the same as the AP suppliers.


No end-user client is an OpenPEPPOL service provider since you are the certified access point provider.


This is one of the supplier membership requirements that attempt to move OpenPEPPOL’s obligations to the end-user.


OpenPEPPOL membership is not free and requires a yearly payment. This membership enables the provider to modify the customer’s legal and technical obligations, as well as to assume certain liabilities.


How reliable is the access point?


Before proceeding to use particular peppol services, you will need to know about what you are up to with first. To become an official provider, the particular company must be able to demonstrate the technical capability and security quality first.


Keep in mind that not all accredited companies really can answer your demand. The “accreditation” or “certification” status means that they are able to offer the solution to their clients, but it does not mean that they already have one that works for their clients.


It will be great if your potential partner can provide you the opportunity to test the access points first before proceeding.


As mentioned, not all companies are ready to make a great offer for you. If you notice some phrases like “register to let us know your interest”, that could probably mean that they have yet to find the ample services for you.


Try out the free services


If you want to assess the particular services first, you could use the free service or free trial offered by the particular provider.


It is feasible to locate providers willing to give a complimentary service to firms with extremely low shipping requirements. The low invoice workload can be the best opportunity to test a particular platform to make sure it will work with your software or not.


 This is frequently performed using an online portal in which the user prepares a standard invoice and then manually enters the invoice data into online fields.


While this approach works fine if you just send one or two invoices per month, it will take a long time if your monthly e-invoice volume increases.


The scalability can be the most challenging issue when it comes to finding the peppol go partner. You won’t know for sure when the orders in your company explode. But you can make predictions about when is the right time to scale up your business. In this case, you will also need to upgrade your cloud computing resources in order to make your ERP stay operating up and and well.


Consider asking Galaxy GW as your AP provider to find out if they are ready for your business to scale up or not.


While these complimentary services are a fantastic way to get started quickly, they should be seen as a stopgap measure. Scalability, integration techniques, and a higher price structure should all remain reasons to choose your free service, since your volumes will surely alter as new trade partners are introduced.


Additionally, merely because the subscription mentions ‘e-invoicing’ does not mean electronic invoicing via the PEPPOL network. Certain firms have established a customized e-invoicing format that facilitates communication between all clients on their platform. Without a reference to PEPPOL, the approach may be proprietary and may not fit your needs.


Reach out to Galaxy GW representatives now to ask if you are able to try out their service for free. Or, you could ask them for specific inquiries and quotes for the upcoming project.