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Propane scooters: future belongs to the air-friendly vehicles

Whenever speaking about the ‘greener’ type of vehicles,the primary thing to cross one’s mind is always something related to electrically-powered engines and all sorts of solar technologies. Indeed, electricity is the most eco-friendly source of energy among all that are used for industrial and logistics needs. Yet, as occurred, it’s not the only one to be treated as ecologically clean. Today the leading engineers of the automotivesphere more and moreoften think of using a propane type of fuel for their machines. And Los Angeles-based ProGo Recreation became one of the trailblazers to give start to the idea implementationthrough their propane scooter that is currently turning into a market hit.

The known issues with gasoline and electric scooters

Supposedly, everyone who’s been using gas-powered or electrical vehicles such as scooters knows how problematic they are in maintaining at times. Surely, those boast some mere advantages like speed and engine power, however all of them fade away should you face carburetor or flat battery trouble a couple of times.And we aren’t even speaking about the gas cost, which is normally higher than that of propane. It’s usually enough to enumerate the common technical issues to know the state of affairs.

Electric scooters issues

  • Battery charging is always a time-taking process (may take up to eight hours)
  • The need to refill batteries emerges after each 45 minutes of riding
  • Heavy weight (due to heavy batteries mainly)
  • Additional expenses on battery replacements (their exploiting time is rather short)

Gasoline scooters issues

  • Forbidden to be used in a variety of places due to gas emissions
  • Constant problems with starting and carburetor gum-up
  • Smell of the used gas
  • Cost of the fuel

The benefits of exploiting the ProGo scooters

In the meantime, propane scooters like those manufactured by ProGo Recreation are deprived of all the above mentioned issues. Of course, one can’t say they are totally environmentally friendly like electrically-powered vehicles yet, propane is the type of fuel that boasts a high energy densityand dissolves in air. It has a boiling point of 42 °C and leaves practically no wastes, which makes it a much more efficient source of engine power-up. Besides, thanks to its chemical properties you’ll never have troubles with carburetor gumming or starting your scooter. Also, you won’t get in a situation when you are forced to take a long ‘walk of shame’ due to the fuel running out. All propane scooters are equipped with some 16.4 oz cylinders to offer you a 3-hours ride. And should you even run out of fuel, you can take a spare cylinder from your backpack and continue the trip.

Advantages of propane scooters

  • Fuel with low carbon content
  • Lightweight (no need to bother with parking place)
  • Easy pull start mechanism
  • Foldable handle
  • Frame made of rugged steel
  • No priming or carburetor issues

The list of advantages could, of course be continued but listing them all would require much more space and technical references. Thus, for your convenience we’ve provided the most remarkable ones that no doubt will make substantially think of obtaining this absolutely brilliant innovation on automobile market.