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Pros and Cons of Using Headphones

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The human brain is considered as one of the most complex organs of our body. Since its composition is the same in everyone but its intensity of functioning is different among all. The brain is related to different functions and contains sense systems as well. Although everyone has the same composition and functioning of the brain their perspective is different. Someone finds the smell of roses good while a lot of people might don’t like it. This is due to the different psychology of different people that is one person might like something while another person will dislike it. One major sense system is the auditory system or hearing.

The sense of hearing is also connected to psychology as everyone has a different perspective towards different kinds of sounds. The most common example is that some people like loud music and some people like soft music. Have you ever encountered someone listening to a song or anything on full volume when you don’t want to listen to it? Everyone deserves their personal space and peace of mind. To deal with this problem, an amazing discovery was made “headphones”.

Headphones give the listener the privacy to listen to whatever he wants without disturbing the people in the surrounding. Headphones in today’s world are as important to everyone as cell phones, laptops or any other daily use devices. If you don’t have a good pair of headphones, you can check outFocal Utopia.

These are the first-ever headphones with open back loudspeakers producing sound at the full range:

Types of headphones


There are following types of headphones based on their functioning:

  • Open-back headphones
  • Closed-back headphones
  • Over-ear headphones
  • In-ear headphones
  • On-ear headphones
  • Wireless headphones
  • Bluetooth headphones

Headphones have many advantages but like any other device, there are also some drawbacks to using headphones. So, through this article, you will get to know the “pros and cons of using headphones”.


Pros of using a headphone


Increase in productivity

Wearing headphones while working increases the productivity of a person as they make a person focus on his work properly. In any environment, there are multiple distractions that make us lose our focus. Working in an environment where many employees are working means some of them might be talking to each other, you will also be hearing some traffic sounds which can distract you. Even small sounds like typing sound from a keyboard or clicking of a pen can also cause distraction during work.

Wearing headphones during work can help you perform better. When your mind will be only focused on your work ultimately your productivity and performance will become much better. When someone is working in a setup where he has to communicate with his client the headphones are very useful. They make the sound quality better which ultimately improves the communication with the client and helps him in performing well.

Relieve from stress

Headphones stimulate the muscles of the ear giving stress releasing feeling so headphones play an important role in reducing body stress. It also depends on what you are listening to on the headphones. When we listen to calm and pleasant sounds or music we feel relaxed. This is general human behavior. This relaxation makes us forget our worries and stress, creating happy vibes in us. Headphones enhance the quality of sound connecting us to the music more.

Music is used as a therapy to improve the physical and mental functioning of the body. Hence every day listening to some music on a headphone can help us in dealing with the stress and refreshing our mind.


When you are in a noisy place, the only thing which can save you from those unpleasant loud noises is your headphones. Headphones isolate us from the outer world by making us hear only what is playing on it. When we cannot hear the sound in our surroundings we become disconnected to the outer world.

Improved focus

By using headphones we cannot hear the sounds in the surrounding atmosphere which helps in improving focus. Better focus helps in improving performance. When you are working with focus it is likely that the quality and speed of doing the work will also be improved. Improved focus can also polish the creative skills of a person.

Quality of sound

By using headphones the quality of sound is also enhanced. This is due to the reason that sound directly enters the ears and reaches the inner ear without evolving in the outer atmosphere. When sound first evolves in the outer atmosphere its intensity is reduced which makes sound unclear. Due to the improved quality of sound headphones are beneficial for effective communications as well.


While hearing a call using headphones your hands will be free and at the same time, other works can be done. Headphones help in performing multi-tasking as they allow free movement of hands.

Cons of using a headphone



When someone excessively uses headphones almost the whole day, he is isolated from the world. This isolation disconnects the person from his loved ones as well. When this situation continues for a longer period of time the person can start developing a social-phobia.


Ears contain waxes (secretions of glands) along with some dirt so it is unhygienic to exchange headphones with someone. Exchanging headphones with other people can also cause ear infections and diseases.

Ear pain

Using headphones for a longer period of time and listening to loud sounds on it can cause ear pain.


Due to excessive use of headphones ear infections and different ear disorders can occur.

Hearing loss

Different researches have been made which conclude that listening to music at a very high volume can cause loss of hearing. One such research concluded that listening to music between 90-100 dB for a longer period can cause hearing impairment.


Using headphones for a longer period of time can cause headaches and migraine-related issues.

Weak functioning of the brain

By using headphones for a longer period of time the brain becomes weak and its functioning is also affected. Since the sound from the headphone reaches the ear and brain at a high intensity it impairs brain functioning.



Like every other invention headphones also have pros and cons both. If it is used for a specific time period it can be advantageous but its overuse can turn out to be harmful and can even impair hearing.