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Reasons Why 2018 Is the Year of the Chatbot

When the internet was in the market for companies such as America Online for consumers, the society was puzzled by the features that came with the use of the internet to chat with someone across the world. A few decades later, people are excited about another concept about chatbots. There is evidence that 2018 will be a year of chatbots. They are expected to dominate the consumer and business use. Read more to learn why it is true.

1. Major Companies have Announced Support for Chatbots

It is always hard for technologies, especially those that are new in the industry, to take off if they are not backed up by major brands and companies who recognize their significance. In this case, major firms in the country have shown their willingness to support this latest technology. Moreover, some of these companies have revamped their sites with the use of chatbots. Learn how to add chatbots to your site here:

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Companies like LinkedIn have fully supported chatbots. When they launched their desktop version of the application, their messaging capabilities have a new feature that allows people to use pop windows to chat. This site allows the use of chatbots.

Social sites have worked hardtop keep people connected and networked. Some people can struggle connecting to other people if they are not sociable. Chatbots have been developed to help people to start easy conversations. They also offer the names of people you can commence your chat for a greater conversation.

2. Millenials Like Using Chatbots as they Progress to their Prime Spending Years

Millenials are now the catch and talk of the day as analyst spend more time to give attention to this generation in 2018. The societal group is now large. The people in the millennials group are almost reaching the time of their lives when spending is not a problem. Executives at many companies, with that in mind, are looking for characteristics to connect with the millennials to reason with their new norms in life. Millenials, in most cases, have high expectations for what they want.

There are high chances that millennials will connect with the use of chatbots by the year 2018. People who are younger than 35 prefer talking to others through email. Issues can be resolved through the use of distracted chatbots. Queries can be sent in seconds regardless of the day and time. Considering they will purchase more than usual, the purchasing behavior of an individual can be influenced by the use of chatbots.

3. Consumers are more Tech-Savvy with the Use of Chatbots

Learning curves are different with each use of technology. However, people can connect and interact with chatbots in mobile phones as the main difference. The number of people using chatbots has increased to over 100 million. On the business dimension, respective tasks can be taken care of by use of chatbots.

These three factors that have been mentioned above have it clear that the use of chatbots is going forward. This means that they will be more prominent in 2018. We reflect back in 2017 and see how the use of chatbots blended smoothly with the society to change it for the better.