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Reasons Why Micro SD Card Is Unreadable and Undetectable

 Your month old mobile phone, suddenly displays this line, ‘Your SD card format not supported’. The micro SD card is of 32 GB and holds yearly data. You are confused but tried the following steps without any solution.

  • Reboot the phone
  • Removed micro SD card and placed it in full-size SD card adapter. Inserted this in your computer but showed no results.
  • Used an external card reader (USB 2. 0) but resulted in an error.

What to do? Is there a hope to recover microSD card data?

When any storage device gets physically undetectable or unreadable and normal home data restoration steps are not possible then the issue can be due to the following possibilities.

  • Lost Controller – The flash chip may be readable but recovering data will be a lengthy and strenuous task. You cannot perform it at home but will need professional expertise and tools. In case, you possess equipment to solder the little chips and read the NAND flash, then remember DIY attempt is more likely to destroy it, accidentally.
  • Lost flash chip – There is nothing anyone can do, if flash chip itself gets lost.
  • Physical damage – If controller and flash chip is intact, even if the card is physically damaged then you can hope to recover the files. However, it will be necessary to take help from professionals because the card is small and fragile.

Thus, you can see how much risky it is to recover files from microSD card. However, if your computer recognizes the SD card then it is easy to recover lost files. Make sure to download the best data recovery software for memory card. The software helps in –

  • Delete file recovery
  • Lost partition recovery
  • Damaged partition recovery
  • CD/DVD data recovery
  • Digital media recovery

How to take care of SD card and avoid recovery process?

  • Insert SD card carefully, after you remove it (at proper temperature, humidity, and illumination)
  • If possible, manage your SD card files on computer
  • Never allow strangers to gain access to SD card
  • Turn ON right protection

Data backup habit is the first priority and always helpful.