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Role of Web Design in Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization isn’t done in a vacuum; it cannot exist by itself, though some SEO companies might pretend otherwise. The most successful SEO strategies are created in relation to other components like online marketing; web design etc. web design and SEOCompany are especially linked together.

  1. Design a website that is responsive and compatible to all types of devices and platforms. The fluidity is very important because search engines rank the website with compatibility very high. Responsive website design guarantees a good experience for users, and performs admirably in all kinds of devices. Earlier two separate websites were needed; one for desktop, one for mobile, however, new developments has made this unnecessary now.Image result for Role of Web Design in Search Engine Optimization
  2. Use the latest coding language in your website design. If you are having the website designed by somebody else, then ask the web design and SEO Company to use the latest version of HTML5. It is very important to code keeping in mind SEO regulations.
  3. The content is the most important part of a website. No matter how dazzling the design or how easy and smooth the user interface, it won’t help you hold the attention of visitors, if you don’t have quality content. It will be fine if you don’t have page after page of content, but what you do have should be unique and useful. It should engross the audience so that the visitors will stay on your page for a long time. Try to avoid too much use of keywords, search engine algorithms don’t appreciate keyword stuffing. The average keyword density for a page should be no more than seven percent.
  4. Keep it simple and easy. Trying to dazzle the audience might work as a marketing gimmick but it isn’t sustainable. Too much use of graphics can slow down the website; visitors have no patience for that neither does search engine algorithms. The website should be easy to navigate and clutter should be kept to a minimum. The important thing is the website should match the expectation of the visitors, otherwise they will move on to other websites.