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SEO Tips for Manchester Businesses

If you have a Manchester based business and website to go with it, today you are in luck as we are going to be providing some great, advantageous tips for you as providing by a leading SEO agency in Manchester.Keep on reading to discover how you could easily improve your local SEO and in turn increase your custom and success…

Top Tips

Know the city – Use your local knowledge to determine which part of Manchester your customers are located. Are they in Denton, Didsbury, Walkden or perhaps somewhere else? Determining where your customers are will allow you to choose the greatest location-based keywords and allow you to gain as much local customer as possible. This is especially important for companies that only offer their services in particular areas.

Microformat your address – Your website should appear on your website and you should use microformats to tell the search engines that is your address. Microdata is a really important wat to pass information to the search engines, and if you don’t do this you really are missing a trick.

Google Maps–Whilst placing your business on Google Maps may not boost your rankings directly, it is very important that you ensure that you have a Google maps listing and that it contains accurate and correct information. Double check to ensure that your push pin is located correctly on the Google Map, and if not correct this imminently.

Responsive web design– most people looking for local businesses do so on their mobile phones and not on PCs, for this reason you must ensure that your website is responsive. Non responsive websites are incredibly unlikely to rank when on mobiles so do not risk losing custom and ensure that this step is taken.

Be contactable – When people find your website it is important that they are quickly able to find your address and contact details, otherwise they may leave your site and visit the website of one of your local competitors. It is a good idea to put a Google Map on your website so people can easily get directions to your business place.

These are only some of the tips in which the expert company provided also. SEO, especially when in the city, can be difficult due to the high amounts of competition. Because of this it is often advisable for companies to leave their SEO in the hands of professionals whom are able to take care of every SEO aspect and better than you could ever do yourself too.

SEO companies don’t have to cost a fortune either, many SEO companies have affordable packages for people to choose – and even if you originally think that their costs are out of your price range you should take the plunge, as you would be surprised at the ROI.