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Singapore Will Launch a Consultation Process for 5G Technologies

If you want to get the inside scoop on 5G technologies in Singapore, you’ll enjoy this quick guide. We’re going to discuss the proposed consultation process which involves 5G technologies.

The new initiative was announced by the Republic’s Info-communications Media Development Authority and it is slated to begin later on during 2017. It’s all about developments in mobile technology which relate to the 5G niche and its spectrum. Local media sources covered the release of information about this initiative pretty aggressively and there is likely to be a lot more fanfare in the future.

IMDA is committed to promoting improved innovations in technology via 5G trials which explore its prospective applications and advantages. These trials will take place in real-world environments and they’ll help the industry to comprehend all of the ways that 5G technology may function in the real world. It’s about eventually bringing more 5G technology into the Singapore business community.

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Executives reported that IMDA is dedicated to spearheading more industry participation with regard to consultation processes for 5G. It’s all about understanding what the industry requires and then acting with responsiveness. Doing so will assist with creating a more efficient spectrum road map, as well as the most appropriate framework for regulatory systems.

At present, the telco company, Singtel, decided to upgrade its network for LTE all over the Republic, with a mind to supporting technology of the pre-5G type, with quadrature amplitude modulation of 256. With this technology, the company was able to boost network speed during peak periods to four hundred and fifty megabits each second.

As well, the China-based mobile operations companies, Ericsson and Smartone, demonstrated 5G technology recently and then embarked on a partnership whereby the two firms will create a hub for technology innovation within Hong Kong. This is another exciting, big-scale business development which will make Singapore an even more appealing place to do business. It shows a lot of faith in the nation.

In the opinion of a SmarTone leader named Stephen Chau, this new hub for innovation will allow the two partnered companies to collaborate with key persons in technology and industry fields, with a mind to ushering in a new array of possibilities in the mobile niche. These possibilities will benefit end-users, as well as businesses.

Singapore Holds Great Promise

Things are going well for businesses in Singapore. The Republic is experiencing a lot of growth and it’s progressive government is known for supporting corporations, established companies and startups alike. As well, Singapore is ranking highly in a lot of key areas, such as global talent production, attraction and retention, in addition to business interest from companies in other parts of Asia and worldwide.

The new consultation process heralds another milestone in Singapore business development. Clearly, companies believe in the potential of the Republic and its tech field and they are investing in this potential each and every day. In the future, more hubs of this type may emerge and they will also allow Singapore’s business prospects to increase exponentially.