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Smart technology tips for the tech-geeks!

It is a tech world today where hardly a step is taken without the involvement of technology. In every orb of life, digitalization has played a crucial role in improving the lives of the modern people. Starting from the home appliances to the gadgets, every single object today is undergoing a radical change in terms of the technology every day. With the advent of every software update, the features of the apps and games are updated and so are the websites.

The digital domain: Intechbuzz is a wonder world of technology where you can find some of the most exhilarating technology tips enough to keep yourselves busy and entertaining throughout the day and even in the middle of work. It includes some of the coolest apps for PC, information about the different kinds of blogging sites, online earning sites, social media apps, android and iOS gaming apps and much more. Therefore, it is necessary to keep abreast of all the latest technology related facts such as apps for PC, etc. in order to stay connected as a participant of the technology communities. Even the common people are participating in this technology move. So, let us take a tour of some of the most happening technology tips.Image result for Smart technology tips for the tech-geeks!

  • Screenshot apps for the Android Smartphones: Taking screenshot has become very common in our daily lives and hence, there are various types of screenshot apps that are used for professional and casual conversation purposes. The specific screenshot app can be downloaded from a big store of screenshot apps, namely ‘Screenshot, Screenshot Easy, Ok Screenshot, Screenshot Er, MyPosition, Screenshot Ultimate, No Root Screenshot It, Screen Grabber and few more. All these apps are extremely user-friendly having a simple interface and are convenient to use, being available in both free and paid versions.

  • Photo Editing Apps for Android: We all love to take pictures and selfies and then give them certain effects to make the photo look simply stunning with the help of exceptional effects. These effects are possible with the help of some of the most popular photo editing apps for Android such as ‘Picsart, Snapseed, Pixlr Express, Aviary, Pixlr-o-matic, Befunky, Cymera, Picsay, Photo Editor Pro’ and lot more. Each app comes with certain exclusive features of editing and can be tried in turns before finally choosing the best suitable app.

  • Free blogging sites: One of the best hobbies for the writers and authors today is blogging. People love to write down thoughts, ideas, observations, stories, fictions, non-fictions, food recipes and much more topics in these blogging sites. As per the customized needs of the customers, today the blogging world has evolved into a massive domain with as many as twenty-five blogging sites running freely as the perfect writing platforms. Some of these blogging sites are,,,,,, and the list is endless and ever increasing.

Talks about technology can go on here in Intechbuzz as it is the melting pot of the various aspects related to the technology world and can easily win hearts with the help of the enormous library of information.