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The Best 3D Scanning Services for Business

When a business requires a 3D scanning service, it should look for a provider showing a wealth of experience. 3D scanning operations are used by industry for a number of different reasons.

The main players are in Aerospace, Automotive, Art, Medical, Architecture and Gas. However, there are many more sectors beginning to use 3D Scanning services as technology demands.

As technology progresses, there are a number of new products coming onto the market. 3D scanning services are beginning to serve much more than the aforementioned core industry sectors.

At Physical Digital, a 3D Optical Measuring service, there will be a dedicated team who will closely monitor the project from the start to its completion. Any questions or concerns are addressed there and then, and its experienced team listen to the customer’s requirements and matches them as requested.

3D Scanning required some pretty accurate data when in production. Physical Digital has a bureau service in the form of a 3D Structured Light Measuring Scanner. This system is fast, reliable, extremely accurate and cost-effective.

Physical Digital are the UK’s largest provider of GOM optical metrology systems. There is no contact with the subject being scanned. Moreover, it can capture complex surface geometries, allowing your own team of engineers with crucial information. This is needed for product design and refining the process of production, as well as improving productivity.

Reliable and Accurate Data Helps Your Company Save Time and Drastically Cuts Cost

Whether for single or multiple assemblies, the 3D scanning resolution will capture data accurately and with the most pinpoint and finest detail. Once the data has been captured it will help your own business to support data and research development.

It will also help you to gauge how your business it doing against others. The valuable data provided by the scanning technology will also improve product design optimisation and the rate at which you can manufacture.

Quality inspection tests have often revealed that after the data capture by the 3D scanning service, clients are able to accurately monitor stress and performances of their product with a much greater dynamic.

Physical Digital has a facility in Surrey where an environmentally controlled measurement room is constantly maintained at a temperature of 20c (68F). This optimum temperature helps to keep materials from expansion or retraction. This means the highest level of accuracy is maintained for every customer.