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Those who prefer streaming site for free movies, they definitely know about Movies 123. In reality, this kind of website offers free streaming of movies as well as TV shows. This site also provides the download facility along with free streaming. Hence, if anyone wants to see free movies streaming or want to download the movie, this is the best place to consider. But at the same time, one question comes in the mind that” is it legal or safe to use”. So, in this article, we will discuss the bad and good aspect of these free streaming movies site.

Working principle of streaming movies sites

These streaming site uses Cyberlock to consist of famous video or movies without content hosting. This site allows Netflix, DVD ripped or many more to host their content. Since it does not have to host the content, that’s why it is one of the most popular streaming platforms. They also use Pseudo-streaming to make fast availability of content by downloading some content to the PC or mobile.

Let’s interpret

First of all, we have to interpret that the streaming site on which we are watching the movies or obtaining the content is legal or not. Since the law for piracy has complex surrounding, it is not like that if you are watching your favourite content and it will land you to the prison or can cause for a hefty fine. If you are using a streaming site and you don’t know, it is legal or not then there are several ways to know this. The legal streaming site will tell you from where they are getting the copyright, there will be “contact us “section, they will have an app, etc.

Facts about free streaming movies sites: What’s legal & what’s not

As we know free streaming movies sites are absolutely not legal. On the other hand, MPAA also considers this movies site as the world’s most illegal site. MPAA also states that over 98+ million users are on there, which is a huge number of users at any illegal website. They claim that these movies site is being operated from Vietnam. Many free streaming sites has got the notice to shut down their website but still there are few sites are open.

One of the legal streaming websites is “Crackle” which offers a quality-based movie and owned by Sony Pictures.  Popcorn Flix is owned by Screen media film which provides you full-length independent films. Apart from this Tubi TV, Classic Cinema, Viewster, etc are some free streaming site which has the copyright to stream the content. Interestingly, every streaming site in there has one thing in common, that is they are supported by some ad.


So, there is a free streaming site which will offer you to stream the content what you want o to explore.  But there are some legal as well as illegal sites in the piracy world where the illegal site can harm your computer with malware and viruses. So, need to be careful and one should pay for watching the movies or television serial.