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Tips to Help Improve How You Work With Graphic Designers

If you own a business and it’s not graphic designing then you’d have to work with one regularly. Transactions like this that requires the creativity of one or both parties are usually controversial because the balance between what you want, what should be done and the skill of the designer is hard to strike. To make the process easier and less time consuming, this tips can help you have a successful deal with your client.

#1: Be reasonable and realistic when giving time frames

There is a lot of specialties involved in creating a professionally designed piece. Come to terms with your designer on the time frame for the work. Be specific on dates and let him understand when you need specific things like first drafts. A tip on this one is to inform make the agreed date a little earlier than it actually is. Don’t forget it takes a while to design these pieces, a lot longer than it takes to describe what you want.

#2: Show samples

Find your own examples and present it to your graphic designer, this can save you a lot of correction making and speed up the whole process. Yes, what he will create will be an original piece but to give a clear idea of how you want it to be, to communicate your intentions better, provide an example.

#3: The first draft isn’t the final print

This is simply the point where you make corrections and additional inputs.

#4: Give specific feedback

Unless you don’t have an exact image of what you want in your head and you want the designer to creatively design for you then don’t give feedbacks like “add a little more life” or “make it pop”. Be specific; don’t expect them to know what you want.

#5: Pay attention to the components

The color, images, fonts used, layout and overall aesthetics are the major components of any graphic design. Break the first draft into these components and assess for a detailed feedback.

#6: Give him some independence

Allow your designer make his own creative input. Being too controlling, not giving him any space can exclude his artistic effect. I could remember the first time I gave my website to Design Grafico to design. I almost kill the wonderful creativity of those guys by always staying on their way. I learned my lessons anyway but I wouldn’t want you to be making such mistake too.  

#7: Ask questions anytime

You’re paying, remember? As much as you give him space, always ask questions about inputs you don’t understand.

#8: Nothing is perfectly perfect

You can get very close or its just okay, but consider your target audience and look at it from different points of view. Sometimes, accept it for that single thing that makes you happy about the design.