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Tips to settle your problems with Android File Transfer

Android mobile has gradually become more sophisticated OS. During its initial launch, the users had found several issues; however, after the experts have modified it, this OS has turned out to be an effective option to the users. But, in spite of these modifications in the settings, User Interface, and features, you may get some intricacies in the OS. This is really irritating to most of the Android Smartphone users, and one common issue is noticeable, while Android File Transfer system doesn’t work. Now, we want to give you solutions and tips for working out these problems.

Why your File Transfer software fails to do its work-

At the time of moving data from Android device to your computer, you can find an error message that file transfer system is not working. We have detected some of the potential reasons that cause this kind of error notification “Android File Transfer not working

  • No compatibility of USB to the file transfer system
  • Installation of the wrong application
  • No setup is done for acceptable files with the use of USB
  • Broken port of micro USB

While you are transferring data to Android mobile from a Mac PC, you should download and install File Transfer tool, designed only for your Mac computer.

Debugging USB and testing the cable

  • Use another USB system if the present one is not suitable
  • Link the device with some other computer for testing the port of both your PC and Android mobile
  • Activate USB debugging option

Another thing that you should do is to activate MTP option, and this will allow Android mobile to identify your PC for transferring the data, like videos and music. If it is your LG mobile, then the connection is possible through PTP mode.
As one of the users of Mac computer and Android set, you know the fact that Apple has not provided any option for smooth synchronization of data. File Transfer tool of Google is not updated, you may not get advantages from it. The good news is that we have found SyncMate, your solution if Android File Transfer not working.

This Mac compatible app allows you in transferring data from your Android. For solving all the file transfer issues, you have to download an application from the site It is easy to run this app from Windows device as well.