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Top 10 Smart Home Products and how they are Helpful

Technology has evolved in the passing years which has resulted in creation of certain tools that would leave the mankind have all the rest and the technology will do all the work. Now, when we talk about this, smart home products are something that comes to our mind i.e. products that would do the work for you just with a click or even a nod. If you want to find the best products you can always check the reviews on WiseDweller. Here we will list down some items and how they help you in your everyday chores:

  • Smart Locks: This is an essential when you are living alone. You can easily unlock your doors while you are inside your car or carrying too many things at once.
  • Air Quality Monitors: These devices are responsible for measuring the quality of the air inside your home, regulate a proper temperature and keep the pollution content to the minimum.
  • Canary Home Security: These are available in Wide angle views and night visions, which help you, have the perspective over a larger area and also you can keep an eye at night time.
  • Nest Thermostat: There are many thermostats but this one is built with self programming and automation which schedules itself and you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Tile Item Finder: We often keep things somewhere and then when we need them we cannot remember where we kept them, but this device is going to keep a track of all of that and help you when you need them. You can find these in the Amazon’s smart home section.
  • Motion Sensor Night Light: This sensor turns on itself if there is some activity within 6 feet and goes off within 15-20 seconds. This is an energy saver and also a security device.
  • WeMo Wifi Switch: Ever left home in a hurry and forgot to switch something off? This device will help you do that with a click from anywhere.
  • Amazon Echo: This speaker took the AI to another level with the voice control and self automation of several devices around you. Although, there is completion between this and the Google home.
  • Oral B Smart Toothbrush: Brushing your teeth has never been more fun, this toothbrush is going to make a boring job fun and powerful. Since the bristles are more effective in nature while they work.
  • Touch Faucet: Who likes to touch the faucet with dirty hands? No one. So this automatic faucet senses and opens the tap itself while keeping things clean and convenient.

Being said that there are thousands of other products that you can find in the online home sections. Make sure to tally the features before you purchase something.