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App development industry is growing and becoming more competitive time over time. The growth and competition of this industry are even expected to increase in coming years. iOS App Developers, therefore, must be very creative and innovative in order to survive in this competitive and ever-changing industry. Every day thousands of iOS App Developers release their Apps on iTunes, but their targeted audience does not notice most of these Apps. This is contributed by the common mistakes that iOS App Developers repeat when developing their Apps. This article discusses top five mistakes that iPhone App Development Company repeatedly does when developing their apps. The following is a list of the mistakes.

  • Including Straight Away Signups in the App

As an iPhone, App Development Company, you need more people to be registered users. This is the reason that makes the iOS App Developers include straight away signups in the App. This is a big mistake. Most users don’t like registering straight away in the App. The best way to encourage the user to register in your App is by providing some services to unregistered users and locking out some features. This will even encourage more users to register to view extra features in the App.

  1. Complicacy Over User Password

Most iOS App Developers wants their user to use a more complicated password that no other user can easily guess. This feature is essential for some Apps especially those involving payments. However, some Apps don’t necessarily need all these features. The problem with these complicated features is that they irritate the user and also these complicated passwords the users tends to forget them often.


  1. Copy Pasting Other Developer’s Ideas

Different developers are dedicating their time in research and innovating better Apps daily. Other developers are used in copying other developers work. This is illegal since the work copied since the content copied falls under intellectual theft of property. Copying also comes with the complication of dealing with the issues that may arise with the usage of the App. The developers should try to understand an App that they think wasn’t done well and go ahead and create a better version of that App. Try to innovate and give something better in the market.

  1. Ignoring Target Audience

The biggest mistake the developers do is ignoring the audience it’s targeting. It’s good for the iPad App Development to understand that they are developing the Apps for a specific group of people and understand what can and cannot impress the users.

  1. Avoiding App Testers

Users are the best people to tell whether the App is serving their intended purpose. Most iPhone App Development Company does not test their Apps after they have developed them. They Just assume that the Apps it’s perfect only to identify some mistakes when it’s very late.

iPad App Development can serve its intended purpose if proper research is done before developing any App. The research will give the developers opportunity to understand their audience, know what features are necessary for the App and ignore the unnecessary features. This will ensure that the Apps will not go unnoticed in the iTunes store.