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Top Tech Blogs of 2019 – The Ultimate Guide for the Recent News Updates

On a daily basis, we’re all surrounded by technology on a regular basis and yet most often we don’t understand how technology works. The reason behind this, is that information gets obsolete and outdated with the evolution of technology and it also changes at a rapid pace. TV professionals, authors and even the IT professionals find it troublesome to stay updated with the ever-evolving trends. The only way in which you can stay current with technology is by relying on tech blogs which are the best platforms for the latest tech updates.

Statistics reveal that 78% of the internet users go through blogs and 25% of the time spent on the internet is spent on reading blogs and visiting different social networking sites. Hence, it is pretty natural that people should invest their time and effort in writing good quality content for marketing. Check out the few top tech blogs which have been ranked the best in 2019.


TechCrunch is undoubtedly one of the most popular sources for staying updated with tech news from all over the world. Their reporters and writers specialize in offering startup news in a rather laid-back and approachable style. If you wish to know about tech companies and products before your competitors, CrunchReport is what you should be keeping a watch on. TechCrunch has stories on the biggest startup news in the form of videos. Never miss an update from them.


At CloudWedge, they live in a cloud. They work incessantly to offer their readers the most up-to-date technology news, opinion and reviews. The writers in CloudWedge are always on top of the tech scene to make sure they don’t miss any news. The contributors and writers go to great lengths to offer relevant content which can keep the users informed on the recent trends of the industry. Readers are also allowed to give their valuable feedback at


Recode is reputed for having few of the most respected and informed journalists in media and technology. This is one of the best sources for independent reviews, news and analysis. They have the best writers who have their own style of presenting the latest tech updates which makes it easier for the readers to read and understand.


Verge was found in the year 2011 and it provides a multimedia effort which explores the ways in which technology can shape our futures and lives. They treat tech as the central part of everyone’s lives and hence they produce content which is tailored to meet the needs of mainstream audience. They cut down all sorts of jargon thereby making their news more accessible to all.

56% of the marketers still choose blogs to be the primary part of their inbound marketing and it is pretty unlikely that the written word will lose its importance. Hence, blogging is still considered as a necessary part of your content marketing strategy. However, you just have to remember that the competition is fierce and so you need to stay updated on the latest trends and tips.