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Use Reddit wisely to earn thousands of visitors!

If you have been using Reddit then one thing that must have realised up till now that it requires a lot of patience and a deep level of understanding. Reddit as we all know is an awesome mixture of interesting news, cool blogs, social commentary and all sort of internet nerdiness. So you can imagine what a great source of traffic Reddit can be for your marketing strategy.

Well, surely it is a great source of traffic but like all other online communities you must know some unavoidable reddiquette. If you do it as per these reddiquette you can witness a measurable stream of targeted traffic but a single mistake can get you a downvote which is indirectly equal to nothingness. So be very careful with this “face of Internet”.

Here is a quick overview of how does Reddit work and how you can win this huge battle of getting traffic with reddit!

The main concept of marketing on Reddit is no marketing at all!

If you start promoting your site at the very moment you join the Reddit, then you’d be likely to face a thousands of Reddit marketers that would laugh at your website. So you see the trick now. Redditors are not among those big fans of self promotion. If they sense a self- promoting post, they will hate it and they don’t hesitate in downvoting you. They even bad mouth you and humiliate you and try to get you banned.

So to crack this hard nut of Reddit marketing what exactly you need to do?

Keep it relevant!

First you need to find really awesome Reddit communities and only share that content that is relevant to your community. Interact with the redditors, post cool links and upvote other links to get them upvote yours. That is exactly what everyone does on Reddit.

Only post great content!

Do remember short and generic content doesn’t perform that well on Reddit as much as an in-depth, unique and well-written post does. A detailed post will definitely get you a click from Reddit users and the result (upvote or downvote) will depend upon how impressive your post is to Redditors.

Don’t greed for two much!

So you just checked out your analytics and found a big spike in traffic from Reddit, what will be your next step? Obviously you would like to make another post on Reddit in the greed and that’s where you make a mistake. This means that if you just posted a link in a subreddit, let it rest for a while. Generally, a wait for 2 weeks to a month will be sufficient to post your next link.

Have fun!

This is I guess the most important point on this list to get you most of the traffic from Reddit. You need not to be a marketer here, you just need to be a normal user. You need to built build up a positive post history by interacting with the rest of the site. You need to earn some Karma points first and for this you need to post some helpful and funny comments on post of others.

So these are all. Follow them to be an upstanding Reddit user and to be able to drive thousands of visitors to your site. Till then I am hanging around in the comments below to solve your queries and listen to you. Keep sharing your views!