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Voice Conference: Most Accessible Communication Tool

In simple words, one way or two way exchange of information by means of speaking, writing, hand symbols or any other medium is called communication. Communication plays the most important role in development of an individual or an entire company. A good communication leads the company to great heights while a bad communication might lead to the demise of the company in today’s competitive world.

Even in job interviews the most common thing companies look for in an employee is their communication skills. Not only that, more and more companies are adopting newest technologies in order to facilitate good and effective communication inside their company. Voice Conferencing is one such technology which uplifts the conventional email communication thus promoting a faster and effective communication.

Voice conferencing is a conference call between two or more people which are generally in different geographical locations of the world using a single or combination of devices and technologies which can be used to send and receive voice messages. In present times most commonly used device for the purpose of a voice conference is the telephone or a smartphone which uses radio signals for transfer of data, but it is also possible to conduct audio conferencing with the help of internet of a smartphone or a computer. These devices needs two basic things for carrying out voice conferencing- a speaker to listen messages and a microphone to send messages.

Apart from the obvious advantages of communication, there are other advantages of an audio conference. Voice conferencing is the most effective form of communication if both people are at different locations at the same time. A relative high quality of voice can be obtained when one is using audio conference for communicating. At a friendly price one can perfectly communicate and collaborate with his colleagues, friends and customers. Not only voice conferencing is cheap but it is also easily accessible.

In 20th century every single person practically owns a cell phone thus making voice communication most accessible form of communication. One does not need to buy a very sophisticated phone and an internet connection like needed in video conferencing to conduct communication. A simple phone with just a kenwood radio microphone and a speaker is able to act as a device which can be used for audio conferencing. Although telecommunication companies might not have entire globe under 4G spectrum but most of globe is covered under 2G spectrum. Video Conferencing is the best way to save a lot of time and money.

But like every other thing that has pros and cons, there are also certain obvious drawbacks to the audio conferencing. As the name indicates, the communication is only verbal in nature. One cannot understand the facial expressions and body language of the other person one is talking to. However this can be achieved by simply adding video feature over the audio conference whenever the need arises. Focus on an audio conference is less than that of video conference since one doesn’t know what other is doing at the moment besides talking to him.