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WeatherBug App: Instant Access To Features Of Weather & Travel App For Free!

Hello, Dear Readers! I am back with a new post which will hopefully make your living a notch easier.

The Internet has become an easily accessible tool today even at the nooks and corners of the globe. With a smartphone that has access to the internet in your hands; every walk of life has become simpler than ever before.

In this post, I will introduce you all to an amazing weather app that is a must have for your smartphone. Without further beating around the bush, here I am unveiling to you the “WeatherBug” application. There is something amazing than the app itself!

It is free, and you can easily get your hands on it at Google or Apple play store depending on your smartphone. You can also go a step further and install it on your laptop also from either the chrome or mac store.

Having said that I want to tell you guys how this simple yet unique app is useful for everyone out there. First and foremost, the primary task of the app is to keep you well informed about the weather conditions of your city as well as the weather forecast from across the globe, that too in real time. It will keep notifying you from time to time about the severe weather alerts with a great accuracy.

You can see the climate condition, expected temperature for the next ten days. The information gets updated automatically with the availability of latest forecast from reliable sources. This is something very obvious you will expect from an application that it is designed for weather forecast purpose.

Major Features of WeatherBug App!

But WeatherBug stands as a unique app in this category because of the following features:

  • News

The news section of the app is exclusively built to make available almost all news related to geographical concerns to its users. It updates you with fascinating articles from across the internet. Oh! They have some breathtaking videos too on their list.

  • Lifestyle

This section turns out to be my personal favorite, and hopefully, you guys will like it as much as I did. This section includes Pollen forecast, Air quality forecast, Cold and flu updates, Game schedules, Travel guides, Lawn and Garden suggestions and Snow and ski areas nearest to you! Now, you must accept this is something highly versatile as it fulfills the purpose of a travel app as well. Informing you about the air quality is such a noble and thoughtful cause.

  • Maps and Cameras

How cool is a local weather camera that reports the exact scenario of the location? Damn cool, certainly! The map associated with the app will give you access to a layered view of weather conditions of any place on the globe.

What are you waiting for then? Go right away and install this wonderful app on your phone as well your laptop to enjoy all of its awesome features. Please leave us with your comments below to keep making us feel acknowledged about our work.