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Web hosting services: Difference between domain and web hosting

It is not to tell that today’s digital and technology oriented age is based on web based platform where any organization, commercial system and production depends on web platform. E-commerce, E-banking, Online investment and digitalization of services and information has made the web crucial and thus, the web hosting services. Web hosting service host the website which caters website and network services at commercial or industrial level.

What exactly web hosting is: Web hosting in simple language said to be as a storage unit of websites. These services also provide remote access to your website content from anywhere.  web hosting services are the service providers who rent or avail there servers/host computers  for  companies, organization or even any entity to store their website and various website contents like graphics, images and videos, information etc. The companies or organization and also web entrepreneurs require universal space storage along with easy access of their content. Web hosting services also provide internet services so that your website gets connected to other systems as well.  There are plenty of web hosting services like which are also offering other services like dedicated servers, CDN and storage.    Image result for Web hosting services: Difference between domain and web hosting

Know the difference between domain and web hosting

Domain refers to the address of your website where web hosting is simply the web space or storage of it. Comparing to a house, virtual address of the website is like physical address of a house and storage or space of the website can be said as the space inside the house. It is easy to not being confused between domain and web hosting as they are completely two different components of web hosting services. Domain is a unique assigned name which represents your ownership to the website along with privacy and ownership rights. Web hosting allows you to get your website on the network with the space granted for you to store your website content.