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What Anti Virus Apps for Android Should You Use?

Securing your smart phone is vitally important. These devices are a treasure trove for any would be hacker because of the sheer amount of personal information that can be yielded from a smart phone from social media, online banking and emails. So, we would highly recommend that you choose one of the best android anti virus software programs to ensure your device is secured. If you don’t have any software installed, then read on and view our recommended android apps.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast have been a name synonymous with smart phone security for a number of years. The level of protection offered by Avast cannot be understated. And best of all, it is free! Yeah, move over freemium apps, Avast doesn’t cost a cent. Don’t let the fact that it is free make you think it won’t offer you a substantial level of protection.

Some of the features of Avast put even the most expensive mobile security apps to shame. It includes things such as a privacy advisor and a blacklist, which you can add any apps to if required. Something to look out for is that it is quite heavy on your smart phones memory when a scan is taking place, so it is maybe best to run a scan at night if you needed to do one. There have been reports that lab testing has found that it isn’t the most comprehensive, but it will protect you from the most common and well known viruses.

CM Security

Now, CM Security may be quite unknown outside mobile security circles, but it does offer an excellent comprehensive security experience. It is actually made in China, and only recently has it become marketed to the West. Like Avast, it is free!

We found the security software itself easy to use. The interface ensures that it won’t complicate things, so it is suitable for even the most basic user. It also has security features for finger unlocking phones, which is becoming more and more important. From the lab tests, it didn’t identify every virus out there and it is filled with ads, but because it doesn’t cost anything, it offers good overall protection.

Eset Mobile Security

Moving from Chinese software to Europe! Eset is relatively common throughout Europe, and the company are hoping to become a main player in smart phone security in the US.

It makes use of a “freemium” model. Overall, it offers a good level of protection from malware and its anti-theft features are quite comprehensive. We would recommend buying the full version, as the free version doesn’t really offer a good level of protection. Despite the good level of protection it offers in the premium version, the interface feels a bit clunky and could be improved upon. But, it only costs $15, which is able to cover you for up to five devices, which we found to be fair. For more recommendations, check out