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What Are the Benefits of Learning the JavaScript Programming Language?

Over 97% of websites use the JavaScript programming language to provide an interactive experience to their users.

The scripting language was originally designed as a website development process yet it can do so much more. From form validation to game design, the types of code Javascript produces have no limits.

If you’re considering learning JavaScript but still aren’t sure then keep reading.

Discover how JavaScript powers the Internet from web apps to server software. See how simple it is to learn. And find out how to use a framework like Angular to build complex apps.

1. JavaScript Runs the Internet

According to Stack Overflow, JavaScript remains the most popular programming language. It beats Python, Java, C#, PHP, and every other smart programmer code out there.

One of the reasons for JavaScript’s popularity is that it’s embedded throughout the web.

View the source for any web page and you’re sure to find a <script> tag. The modern web uses JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React to create enterprise-level apps. Even Node.js uses JavaScript to code server-side software.

The JavaScript programming language is here to stay!

2. Learning to Code Is Simple Yet Powerful

Another great reason for learning to code in JavaScript is its simple setup and learning curve.

All you need is a web browser and a text editor. You don’t have to compile anything or study difficult coding techniques to get instant results.

For example, add a <button> element to your web page and edit it to look like this:

<button onclick=”alert(‘Hello there!’);”>Click me</button>

Save the page then click the button. An alert dialog will appear welcoming you to the page!

Sites like W3Schools offer free tutorials on how to get started in the web design process. Follow the guides and create a simple web app within minutes.

3. Versatile JavaScript Programming Language Frameworks

JavaScript’s scope ranges from very easy applications to huge interconnected apps. To help program these monsters, most savvy coders use a JavaScript framework.

Frameworks hide the complexity of writing thousands of lines of code. You simply use the elements you need and the framework works behind the scenes to achieve the results.

Popular frameworks include Vue.js, Django, React.js, and Angular. You can also combine elements of each like Bootstrap with Angular.

Bootstrap is Twitter’s CSS/JavaScript framework. Including it within a high-end toolset like Angular lets the smart programmer build stunning apps with less code.

4. Excellent Career Opportunities

Four out of five hiring managers require candidates to have a knowledge of JavaScript.

Those with JavaScript knowledge and skills, especially with framework experience, benefit the most. Newer frameworks that work alongside traditional languages like Python attract a higher salary.

JavaScript is the foundation to earning a spot as a modern programmer.

5. Platform Independent

JavaScript is so popular that it runs on almost any Internet-enabled device.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Windows PC, Apple Mac or iPhone, or Linux flavored computer. JavaScript works within the browser so any system that runs the likes of Chrome or Safari will display your scripts.

Web Design Process for the Smart Programmer

The JavaScript programming language is more popular than ever.

It’s a vital tool in every coder’s arsenal so don’t be afraid to start to learn these types of code. Start with a simple Hello World example and work towards learning a framework like Angular.

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