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What are the Myths and Realities of Home Automation?

The automation of our home allows us to be at the forefront of technology, means that we can count on the best resources of security, comfort, energy saving and entertainment both inside and outside the home.

However, there are still many myths surrounding this issue. Here are the most common:

Automation is an Excessively Expensive Subject

It depends on whom and the value that each person contributes. There is automation for different pockets. While it is true that the purchase and installation of all the equipment implies an extra cost, this is reflected in a much greater benefit for those who work or live there. In the medium term, it means that there will be a considerable saving of energy that will result in a much healthier economy. Similarly, as it provides greater security, this translates into fewer reports of incidents that could affect the capital of families or companies. The important thing is to plan according to the needs of each site.

The Automation of Homes is Unnecessary

This varies according to the application that each user gives. For example, there are older people who can not watch TV and do not know how to turn on pay-TV equipment. For them, automation becomes a solution. Similarly, home automation not only refers to having a home theater. It also involves other safety and welfare issues for those who enjoy it. It allows us to have a control of expenses and times in which the lights or certain devices will be turned off, which reduces the cost of maintenance of the home or office. It also gives us the certainty that the doors have been closed correctly and that there will be no greater risks. You can click here for your Mood Lighting.

Home Automation Requires Maintenance Over Time

Sometimes the technologies change. For example, if it is modified in a wireless network, which is important for an automation system, a change of antennas would have to be made. This maintenance also refers to the updates that need to be installed on the equipment to improve its operation as well as readjust the configuration of the systems according to the new needs of the people. It is recommended to clean and update software, which improves the performance of the systems, three times a year.