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10 Tips for making Printed Banners stand out

Whether your printed banner is for a celebration, promotion or conference, you want to make sure that your banner is eye-catching and informative. HFE Signs provide you with the opportunity to design your own banner, making it suitable for your specific requirements.

What do you need to carefully consider in order to stand out?

  1. Make your banner visible

If you’re going to use your banner to promote your business, it’s essential your audience can read it from afar – so keep your message to the point, to allow you to increase the size and therefore availability. Make sure that your message is clear to read and that the design of your banner is consistent – making your company more visually recognisable.Image result for 10 Tips for making Printed Banners stand out

  1. Use images

It’s more than likely you’ll notice a banner if it incorporates an image. It’s eye-catching and influential – capturing the attention of passers-by. If your printed banners are going to include an image, they need to be relevant in case your audience doesn’t read all the information!

  1. Use high-resolution images

If you want your printed banners to be effective, try not to incorporate poor quality images. You can guarantee more people will notice your images if they are of a high-quality – as it won’t be difficult to determine what the banner is advertising.

  1. Professionalism

Remember to use your company logo and branding if your printed banners are for conference events! Use images that are professional, avoid using copyright images because this demonstrates a lack of professionalism and can offer poor quality.

  1. Where will you put your banner?

Depending on the desired location for your banner, you’ll want to think about the size of text you use. If you plan to place your banner outside, perhaps at the side of the road, it’s an idea to use large fonts so that your main points can be easily read. Use colours that attract the attention of passers-by – you don’t want your sign to go unnoticed!

  1. Font

The font you choose for your printed banners should reflect the style of your business or at least fit in with the purpose of the banner. The text should always be clear otherwise it’s pointless having a banner created! It’s suggested you steer clear of curly, pretty fonts because this won’t display your message as effectively.

  1. White space

Your design should be straightforward, in this case, less is more. White space is effective for capturing the attention of passers-by because when there is too much going on – your main point can be confused or misinterpreted.

  1. Space

When designing your own printed banners, you want to ensure you leave sufficient space at the edge of your banner so that your text doesn’t end up being cut off!

  1. Spell check

If you want your printed banners to offer high-quality, it’s advisable you check the spelling of the text you want to use on your banner and for peace of mind, ask someone else to read it, to make sure it everything makes complete sense and is correct.

  1. Ask for advice from a reliable printing company

HFE Signs have a wide range of printing services, we guarantee we won’t be beaten on price or quality! So, if you’re looking for PVC, mesh or pre-designed printed banners; you’re in trusted hands.

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