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4 Smart Tips To Avoid Hacker Attacks Which is Guaranteed Anti Break

Hacker attacks in cyberspace can attack in various forms, from stealing personal data to completely taking control of your device.

Unfortunately, some people don’t realize if their device is hacked or not, it’s because hacker attacks are usually difficult to detect.

An understanding of what cybercrime is and how hacker attacks can occur, is the basic knowledge needed to protect your own personal data.

Tips to Avoid Hacker Attacks

Hacker attacks and cyber crimes can actually be avoided. However, unfortunately there are still many people out there who lack awareness about this.

Whether it’s because they don’t know how to avoid it or maybe they don’t care about the dangers of hacker attacks.

Therefore, in this article, ApkVenue will give you some tips to avoid hacker attacks, so that your personal data remains safe.

1. Don’t Share Your Personal Data Carelessly

The first tip you should do to avoid hacker attacks is to keep your personal data safe when using the internet.

Never enter any personal data unless you have confirmed that the website is secure.

The easiest way to find out if a website is safe or not, is to look at the letter “s” in the URL of the web you visit.

A secure website has an initial URL of https://, while if it has an http:// URL, it means that the website is not safe.

2. Use a VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a connection service that allows you to visit a website safely and privately.

VPN works by changing the connection path through the server and hiding the data exchange that occurs.

That way, hackers will find it difficult to ‘sniff’ your data information or find out what you are doing on the internet.

Currently there are lots of VPN applications available on the internet, Google Play Store, and AppStore for free.

3. Turn off WiFi or Bluetooth Networks When Not In Use

Without you knowing it, hacker attacks can also occur through a WiFi or Bluetooth network that is constantly turned on.

So make sure your WiFi or Bluetooth network is disabled when not in use.

Because it can prevent your device from automatically connecting to an unsecured network without you knowing it.

4. Use Fake Security Question Answers

You must have been asked to create a security question (Security Question) when you created a certain account, right?

Most people will make the correct answer to the Security Question easy to remember. Let see, angular authentication is one good way to do it.

Turns out, giving the correct answer to a Security Question can actually make your account insecure, gang.

Especially if you make a Security Question that is easy to know the answer to, such as parents’ names, school names, and others.

This is due to the presence of a website called Whitepages that can find out a person’s name, phone number, or even home address.

So, ApkVenue suggests that you make a fake answer to answer the Security Question

These are some basic tips that we should understand well.