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6 Stunning Advantages Of Modernizing IBM I Applications

Modernizing IBM I applications is a wise solution for the problem of business stagnation. It is because the IBM operating system is not always compatible with new technologies. It ends up hurting the business on a large-scale since modern tools and techniques are the only ways to exist in the market. Besides, the benefits that modern applications provide cannot be provided by legacy languages and primitive application designs. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning about the advantages of modernizing the IBM I applications in order to give your business a productive push, then read through the guide given below.

#1 Customizing IBM I applications with modern graphical user interface offers the benefit of compatibility with web and mobile devices instead of just the browser. It increases the visibility and the reach of your apps in the correct hands; thereby, making your business popular.

#2 The modernizations tools to convert rpg to java are absolutely necessary because old languages like RPG cannot be used to write codes with the precision of Java language. In other words, modernization is important to increase code quality.

#3 Documentation is yet another way of customizing the IBM apps. Proper documentation ensures that the documents are arranged in the correct database. It does not just save time in identifying and locating a document upon immediate requirement, it also reduces human effort.

#4 Modernization tools like the X-Analysis Advisor And NewLook Server allow benefits like:

  • The ability to allow distribution of relevant documents between people in the real-time from a remote location
  • Giving developers the freedom to integrate and use any number of IBM I apps in order to come up with new applications with better features like smooth navigation

#5 Customization of IBM I applications also ensures that the operating system allows high-speed data transfer. It is essential to maintain smooth navigation between apps. And the reasons that make smooth navigation so important are given below.

  • Highly navigable apps are least buggy; hence, preferred by users on all platforms
  • Apps that open with lightning fast speed do not take much time to load that, in turn, earns loyal users
  • Navigable apps with stunning graphical icons are visually more appealing


#6 IBM I applications that aren’t integrated with modern interfaces like GUI can be made compatible with most devices by customizing them in order to generate unique UI’s from primitive green screens.  


On a closing note, when you use tools to modernize IBM I applications, you give your business a chance at surviving, profiting, and expanding.