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A Guide on the Best Applications for Syncing iPhone and Mac

When iCloud and iTunes are not enough to sync data between Mac computers and iPhone, you need to find some other applications. A lot of different applications are there, and broadly those applications are divided into two sections. The first type is cloud storage based application, while the second type does not involve any cloud storage for data syncing. iCloud use cloud storage to intermediate the process of synchronizing the devices. On the other hand, several other applications do not use cloud storage. Thus, they can provide better data security and faster data syncing experience.

Here is a list of those applications at a glance for you:

  1. SyncMate

SyncMate, an app to synchronize Mac with iPhone, is the best application for data syncing. With its excellent ranges of features or options, it makes the process of data synchronization simple. The first notable thing is its simple interface. It looks pretty clean and perfectly poised to offer you various kinds of data syncing options. You can sync documents, files and folder effortlessly. Right from contacts and e-books to multimedia contents of your phone, you can access all kinds of data from your Mac system.

A notable feature of the application is that it can mount your iPhone device with various Mac systems at the same time. You can sync as many devices as you need. It ensures high end data security. Your data is fully protected from hacking or phishing. Moreover, the application shows no lag or latency. It is fast, robust and effective.

  1. Syncios

Like SyncMate, Syncios is another important application that gives you the freedom to sync your iPhone data with Mac computer. This application too comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. You can sync different kinds of data as per your needs. For example, you can sync documents in your iPhone or you can sync video as well as audio files of your iPhone with the Macs. It does not involve any cloud storage to intermediate the process of data synchronization.

  1. BusyMac

This application comes with a contemporary interface, offering different options for data synchronization. However, it would not let you to sync all your iPhone data with Mac. The application is not exactly an orthodox system for data syncing. It allows different document synchronization, but it does not give you the convenience of syncing multimedia files.

  1. PhotoSync

The name justifies the functional aspects of this application. This is surely not among the conventional apps to synchronize Mac with iPhone.  It only lets you to access photos of your iPhone from Mac.