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Basic SEO Tips That You Should Know

If you own a company and have a website, there is probably a strong chance that you would like to improve your SEO… With this in mind today we are going to be providing a couple of SEO tips in which we think that everyone should know. SEO does not have to be difficult, and although internet marketing is best when left to professional SEO companies, it is better that you learn the basics so that you can check everything is being done correctly and that you are not throwing your money down the drain.

Three Basic SEO Tips

Make sure that every page has a Meta Description

When looking to get your website better rankings it is vital that you communicate with Google as much as possible. It is important that your Meta descriptions are written in a way where Google can easily see what your pages are about so that they can rank them accordingly. If you fail to create good Meta descriptions to describe your pages you could face losing potential customer. When it comes to Meta’s another good tip is to keep Meta titles around 50 characters with their descriptions approximately 150 characters.

Utilise directories to improve rankings

A good way of increasing online exposure is to utilise directories – This is when other websites vouch for you through links. It is important that other trustworthy websites link to your website, as when this happens Google will deem you more reputable. Be sure that you use reputable directories though, with some good examples being Yellow Pages, Yelp and FourSquare. Make sure that the business information such as website and contact details that you put out on directories throughout the web are accurate and consistent.

Write content to attract your target audience

Content is more important that many people realise when it comes to SEO. Google loves websites which constantly produce quality content, and not only this, but the more content that you put out – the more chance you have of achieving the rankings of your dreams. Not only should you ensure that your website is home to quality content which answers your target audiences questions, providing them with the information that they are searching for, but you should also be utilising other content marketing methods including guest blog posting, press releases, social content and more.

These are only three of the basics too! If you are a business owner, whether you are going to leave your SEO marketing in the hands of a  professional SEO agency or you are going to have a go at it yourself, it is important that you learn as much as you can so that you can understand what is going on.