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Benefit Users with Disabilities with The Perfect Accessibility Overlay

Making your site accessible to users with disabilities like color blindness, visual impairments, or blind users helps everyone. Therefore, if you are a business site owner, you should resort to accessibility overlays for the task.

How does an accessibility overlay benefit everyone?

Most people are using websites with accessibility features activated. These settings can be activated by the user themselves and set to their preferences. This step makes the content on the site more accessible without the user needing to change the settings on the browser. Besides the above, screen readers are becoming quite popular with about 10% of users on the Internet, and approximately more than 54 million people are using them to browse the website.

Enhance the search ranks of your site with an overlay

The accessibility overlay is an effective way for you to enhance the search ranks of your site. Google has announced recently that users would be able to find more content that is accessible via their search feature.

The concept of this overlay is like alt text, except when you are adding a small bit of content over an image. What content does the overlay provide? Well, it includes the following components: –

  • Alternate text for videos and images.
  • Skip links.
  • Description for page elements.
  • Labels for buttons and form fields.
  • Text for charts and complex graphs.

Each of the above can be added to your site with simple HTML tags; they act as instructions. For example, adding the alternate text to the image with a code.

Save time and money

When you install an accessibility overlay to your site, you are able to make the business site more accessible for people with disabilities without wasting time on codes. With the use of simple HTML tags, you are able to offer important information in the alternative text description for videos and images, or you can also add visual cues where there is no other option to describe charts and graphs.

Is your site accessible on mobile devices?

The way people use the Internet has drastically changed in recent times. Some users still access the Internet via their phones. However, you should ensure that your site is accessed via mobile devices with traditional computers, as sometimes that is all that a user might have to use to seek information or buy something online.

When you are choosing an accessibility overlay for your business website, you must ensure that it is automated and equipped with the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The overlay will be better than its manual counterparts. It works faster and ensures that your site is accessible and compliant round-the-clock. It also enhances the user experience of your site as they are able to have an enjoyable browsing experience without hassles. In this way, you are able to enjoy more sales opportunities and bring in more profits to the business with success! The site is open to everyone, even people with disabilities.