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Children Are Facing “Cyber Pandemic” Through Online Learning 

Due to serious pandemic caused by COVID-19, whole world is suffering very badly in every sector. As on precautionary basis, the schools are shut down and students are forced to bear with online classes for overcoming the study losses due to long closures of school. This has caused major impact on student’s life and the children between 8 yrs to 12 yrs are facing serious cyber pandemic too. They are exposed to cyber risks which can be in different forms. Therefore it is very important for families and schools to go through different safety measures against cyber threats or cyber pandemic provided by various companies, institutes or educational platforms. The children can view this link too for learning safety measures and can take precautions against this serious pandemic of cyber attacks.

Online learning lead to a big problem of Digital Inequality

Through online learning, large number of public schools is facing digital inequality due to this unexpected crisis or COVID-19 pandemic. Though private schools have all these facilities but in public schools it is not so. Various teachers are not trained and do not cope with online learning and in this type of learning high technology is required.  In some situations, problem arises due to generation and digital gap, they don’t know how to use personal data online and to what extent information’s to be shared so that it is completely safe and secured how they have to react against cyber-bullying.

Though lido classes are full of innovative teaching methodology, fun, skilled teachers, and high technology but it can be best by following safety measures during online learning. As child safety is of prime concern and needs special attention, therefore it is very important for children, families and schools to follow the safety measures against these cyber threats, cyber attacks and cyber-bullying. Teachers, parents and children should take precautions and teachers should be trained in a professional way so that they may in turn provide perfect guidance to their students how to take precautionary measures against these cyber threats and be safe. Parents must also watch videos, links and other knowledgeable tutorials to gain knowledge to be safe and keep their children safe from cyber pandemic.

In lido learning, highly skilled, trained, experienced and talented teachers can provide best contents related to safety measures against this cyber pandemic, various safety measures and precautions to be taken during online learning during this COVID-19 pandemic as students are forced for online learning due to schools shut down. It is duty of each and every citizen as precaution is better than cure and must teach our children who are going to be leaders of tomorrow to be practical and be ready to face any challenges in their life. Children must go through knowledgeable and best content materials, videos, and links of how to be safe from cyber attacks and what measures to be taken. Some safety measures which they must take can be must maintain their privacy and security by sharing only that much information which is required and essential online, must maintain strong passwords to keep their data totally safe and secured.