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Do You Need an International SEO Agency for Better SEO? A Closer Look

Tapping into your target demographics in other countries is an alluring prospect. No matter how much allure it has, though, building an international SEO strategy is not for the faint of heart. The deep understanding required usually leads people to hire an international SEO agency.

It’s easy to see why, too. Global e-commerce sales continue to grow at an exponential rate, so you don’t want to miss out on your piece of the pie.

An unfortunate reality for businesses looking to grow into markets abroad is that international SEO isn’t as simple as translating a few pages. Attempting to take your SEO beyond your local area could hurt your rankings.

Let’s read a little more about where the typical stumbling blocks are and why you might need a little help.

Identifying Potential

Some basic analytics will shed light on where your traffic is coming from, but it doesn’t paint the whole picture. An example of simple research required is which keywords drive those countries to your pages. A service dealing with international SEO brings a lot more to the table, though.

Customers in other markets have different search patterns and different spending habits. Even content differences that seem insignificant might have cultural relevance.

An experienced SEO service will have navigated the pitfalls before. They’ll know what research to do for each specific region. Perhaps even more important, they can ensure the safety of your current SEO rankings.

Multiregional or Multilanguage

Another potential consideration is targeting a different region or targeting another language. That may seem like a subtle difference, but it’s crucial.

Just because a specific country seems to be ranking quite high on your analytics, you may be better off targeting the language instead.

A decision like this depends on the amount of organic search volume coming out of a country.

Experienced veterans of digital marketing will have a keen eye for this. They can work together with you to figure out the best solution, especially if your business has limitations on location.

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A Careful Balancing Act

If you’re making alternate pages for specific regions or languages, you’ll have to be wary of duplicate content.

Duplicate content can be the bane of your attempts to rank higher with SEO. If you have multiple pages, all with the same content, the traffic spreads across them. That results in lower rankings in the search engines.

An SEO marketing agency can help you tailor specific pages for the region or language you have decided to target. Not only will that avoid the duplicates problem, but it can also boost traffic by offering information relevant to the region or language.

Doing all of this yourself can be time-consuming, if not impossible, unless you know the target region or language intimately. Take a read of this article to understand more of these unique challenges.

Is an International SEO Agency Worth It?

We would say that if you have aspirations abroad, then an international SEO agency can help! There are too many potential mistakes that take too much time to undo. If expansion is on your mind, you want it to be as smooth as possible.

If you’re looking for other SEO tips to expand the reach and growth of your business, keep reading our blog! We cover all the latest in SEO and more!