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Drones Not Likely to Massively Disrupt Home Security

It was only a matter of time before someone decided to try to integrate drone technology into wireless home security. Now that it has been done, there are quiet rumblings that drones may render the traditional home security paradigm obsolete. So the question is, will they? The answer: probably not.

Drones can be very valuable tools for home security if used in the right way. They could potentially provide additional surveillance in the event alarm is triggered. They could even be useful in helping police officers track down and arrest suspects. But drones are limited by nature. They do not offer enough potential to dramatically disrupt the paradigm home security currently operates in.

  • The Drone Proposition

The idea of integrating drone technology with wireless home security involves the use of advanced sensors that are capable of detecting movement, vibration, and sound. Strategically placed sensors would theoretically allow a drone-based security system to detect potential intruders before they make entry. Any detection immediately summons a drone from a remote location.

It all sounds very exciting except for one drawback: the amount of time it would take for a drone to respond. Unless every homeowner with one of these security systems has a drone to go along with it, the drone has to come from somewhere else. Experienced burglars need less than half a minute to break into an unoccupied home; they only need 5 to 7 minutes to grab what they want and escape. It’s highly unlikely that a remotely located drone would be of any use.

We can see the benefits of a drone if it is located on the property and ready to fly at a moment’s notice. But even at that, drones are limited in what they can do. They cannot tell what’s going on inside the house, they may not be able to effectively track the criminal upon exit, and there is always the risk of the drone crashing because of an experienced criminal fleeing under trees or along buildings. drones not only help you for home security but also help in videography, you can check for this best drone here- Drönarfotograf Göteborg

  • Home Security a Much Larger Proposition

The point of this article is not to disparage drones as a home security tool. They may prove to be more useful than anyone knows. The point is that home security is a much larger proposition that drones, sensors, or even the video cameras and motion detectors we now use. All those security devices are just part of a much larger net homeowners cast to protect themselves.

Effective home security starts with a wireless home security system that includes video cameras and motion sensors. But it doesn’t stop there. It also includes deadbolt locks on first-floor doors, heavy-duty locks on windows, and a concerted effort among homeowners to protect their privacy. Effective home security even includes simple things such as keeping the shrubs trimmed and being careful of what you post and social media.

To suggest drones will disrupt the current home security paradigm enough to displace traditional security systems is to assume too much. If anything, drone technology will enhance what we already have rather than replace it. And by the way, that would be good. Anything we can add to the home security paradigm to make it better should ultimately be considered.

As a homeowner yourself, what kinds of strategies have you put in place to protect yourself, your family and your property? A home security system is a good place to start. If you want to add a drone to it, that’s entirely up to you. But at least monitor your home with a wireless security system that includes video cameras and motion sensors.