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Everything you always wanted to know about social media audit


A social media audit includes the process to review what is failing and what is working and what can be done to improve the social media channels. Many people do not want audits. But, all audits are not bad. Various social media analytics tools are available that can help you and you can also use simple tools from Moreover, you have to perform a social media audit either monthly or quarterly in a few cases. Things become easier as you develop the habit to complete audits. Even if you have attempted a social media audit earlier, you can think of doing it again.

You require a spreadsheet for social media audits to remain organized. Even though you have a good memory, you cannot perform a social media audit orally. Audits should be accessible for all to track as well as compare. You can use a template for a social media audit. However, do not feel obligated and do not restrict yourself to the rows and columns in a template. Thereafter, you can customize it according to your needs. It is better to prepare a template from scratch. The basics that you should include in the social media template include engagement metrics, profile information, referral traffic, audience demographics, publishing metrics, and channel-specific metrics. 

Social media profiles

The initial step to conduct social media audit is doing a review of all the social media profiles and not just big fours such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The social media audit tools can help you locate the existing profiles. You can claim the name of your brand on other platforms if you want it in the future. Besides the tabs available for the major networks, you can add new tabs for additional platforms. After listing the social profiles, you have to decide the platforms you should focus on and it depends on the brand. 

Analyzing social media profiles

After you decide on the social media profile that you will audit, you have to find out data and observe how each profile is performing. This shall be the major portion of the social media audit as it will show what is working and what you should do to improve it and what are your greatest opportunities. There are a few good metrics that you should identify with and see how the profiles are working. These metrics include link clicks, engagement, referral traffic, shares, impressions, and others.