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Experts give tips for the Twitch streamers

The first goal for Twitch streamers is to stay longer than 3 minutes on a live stream. For this it is necessary to generate emotions in your viewers. If you don’t attract attention, it will be difficult for you to attract an audience and possibly your streaming will go unnoticed. The best strategy from the start would be this – buy Twitch viewers, get more attention organically and stream consistently. 

When a Twitch user browses the channel directory they pay attention to three factors:

  • Channel image.
  • Transmission title.
  • Number of viewers.

Channel image

The Twitch channel image is something you cannot manipulate, as the image that will be displayed will be the moment your live stream is found. However, you will still be in control of your personal image and the layout that is displayed in the stream. This will make the difference between attracting or not attracting attention.

Channel title

A catchy and edgy Twitch channel title will grab the attention of your audience as they want to know what you’re up to. The best title has to:

  • Be original, but short and precise.
  • Cause expectation.
  • Show a benefit to the user.
  • As you will see, these are the same principles that are used in advertising. And this is not new, since it is like selling a product or service.

Number of spectators

The number of viewers is an indicator of social proof, the more viewers you have, the more users are likely to want to enter your stream. However, do not forget the Twitch algorithm that promotes the channels with the most viewers. If you are just starting out as a streamer, this leaves you at a disadvantage but don’t worry, there are always users looking for new channels.

After getting a few users to enter your channel, it is important that they stay on your direct for at least 3 minutes, this is the average time that the viewer decides if they want to know more about you or not.

However, the good news is that if you have a small audience, you can easily control who is new and who is returning. And it is to these last ones that you should pay more attention since they are the ones that give life to your channel. In fact, in marketing it is said that it is more difficult to attract new customers than to keep the ones you already had. And this also applies to Twitch.

In your live broadcasts on Twitch, use a strong tone of voice, but without shouting, playing with the speed and rhythms when speaking. Gesture and use your body to express what you say, such as your hands or arms. And lastly, smile and laugh from time to time.