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Family Slammed for Reckless Behavior

The other day a family was slammed for reckless behavior after sea lion drags a girl into the water in Richmond, B.C. When this happens, a lot of people won’t want to go to Stevenston’s docks anywhere and that’s why the removing complaints from Google team is there to help. It was a male California sea lion that grabbed the young girl by her dress and pulled her into the water and marine mammal experts say the animal most likely mistook the dress for food. There are several signs at the popular tourist destination that warns people not to feed the sea mammals that frequent this area. You also should be letting your little girl sit on the edge of the dock with her dress hanging down after the sea lion has already snapped at her once claims Kiesman. There have been similar issues with people feeding marine mammals throughout B.C.

There are clear signs on the dock stating that no personal shall disturb a marine mammal except when fishing according to Canada’s Marine Mammal Regulation and the signs as Steveston docks say the maximum penalty for disturbing a marine mammal is $100,000. There are also signs that warn that sea lion bites can cause very serious infections that may lead to amputation or even death therefore this is why they are considering this event to be reckless behavior. Hopefully this incident will finally team people to stop feeding the sea lions even though the animals are not inherently dangerous and are not looking to grab people. Many claim that this video should be seen as a teaching moment and not a shame to someone. People are also claiming that maybe the sea lion had mistaken her dress for food and maybe he acted in frustration because the feeding had stopped.