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Five amazing tips to create stunning designs with laser heads

In the past, people used to think only experienced professionals can create unique designs in the woods. Moreover buying such an art piece was super expensive. Things have changed a lot over the past years and people can easily engrave unique designs in the woods. If you do some research, you will be surprised to see how easily you can engrave designs with laser heads. In today’s article, we will give you five amazing tips which will help you to engrave unique designs like the professionals.

Selection of the woods

If you are looking to create some unique designs in the woods, the quality of the woods matters a lot. For instance, if you try to engrave designs in a block of damp wood, chances are very high you will not be able to make elegant designs with shape curves. For this very reason, the professionals always chose dry wood with high density.

Using masking tap

Many people often complain laser engraving leaves a burnt mark in the woods. But if you look at the professional designs, you will be surprised to see how well they engrave on different materials without having a stain or burnt market. They simply use masking tape to avoid such unnecessary burnings. If you are planning to make unique designs on a plain surface, make sure you are not projecting the laser beam without any masking tape. Just follow this principle and you will never have burn market in the end product.

Designing on the leather

Designing on the leather is a very complex task. Even after having the best laser engraving kit, you might not be able to create the perfect designs. There are a few things you need to consider. First of all, try to select a light color leather since the designs look much more prominent and vivid. Engraving on dark color leather is a little bit messy since it doesn’t look so promising. Before you use the laser engraving kit, make sure you read the user manual to set the correct offset value.

Practicing on a sample piece

Practicing on a sample piece is very crucial to your success. You might have the best laser head in the word but still, you need to count your experience. For this very reason, professional designers always suggest user, to practice on sample materials. It will help you to understand the process much more easily and most importantly you will be able to create unique designs without any flaws.

Creating designs on plastic

Using the laser on plastic is a very challenging task. However, if you set the right preset value for the laser head, chances are very high you will have stunning designs without any excess burnt. But make sure the plastic is of high quality or else you might not be satisfied with the end results. You can even print stunning image but in such case, it’s better to read the user manual properly so that all the parameters are set to its optimum value.