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Five Common Computer Desk Styles

Working at a home office is becoming more common these days, and with that, people are investing in new 123ink office supplies for their homes.  If this is something you are looking into, then, here are five common types of computer desks you should look for your home office.

Computer Desk #1:  The RECTANGLE DESK

The rectangle desk is perhaps the most common and well-known type of computer desk. This is a simple desk—it kind of looks like a table—which fits into a corner of a room, along the wall.  They are easy to find and can be quite affordable, but they may be too simple for your needs.

Computer Desk #2:  The L-SHAPED DESK

Essentially this is a rectangle desk with a smaller desk next to it, which forms the shape of the letter ‘L’.  This type of computer desk is also pretty common today, and is especially useful if you want to have multiple workstations in one small area.  For example, you can have your computer, monitor, and printer in one place and then turn slightly to use the other part of the desk as a flat surface for hand writing notes or signing checks, etc.


Basically this is an ‘L’ desk where the two sides are roughly the same length.  It operates in the same way as an ‘L’ desk, too, but provides yet more surface area to further diversify your workspaces. It might also be used to house two separate workspaces for different people.

Computer Desk #4:  The U-SHAPED DESK

Building on the same trend, so far, the U-Shaped desk is basically an ‘L’ desk with yet another long rectangle desk on the other end, which forms the shape of the letter ‘U’.  This continues to provide more surface area for working, depending on the type of work you are doing. Perhaps you want more area for spreading out different tasks or to perform different functions throughout the day.

Computer Desk #5:  The FLOATING DESK

The floating computer desk is a relatively new advancement in office furniture, but it is certainly growing in popularity, particularly in home offices. The floating desk is basically a small counter that you attach to the wall but has a bigger drop-leaf option that you can prop up when you need it. Indeed, the floating desk offers versatility in smaller spaces.