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Formulate Task And Be Critical About User Stories For Tech Debt

Creating user stories for tech debt is a common practice but there are some facts that you should know about user stories for tech bets. Accordingly you should formulate the tasksso that you can manage and reduce tech debt as soon as and as much as possible. There may be times when your development team may have to struggle to find ways to plan and deal with the technical tasks that are required to deal with technical debt in a code. This is the time when you may want to create user stories so that you can handle the situations in a better way. But care should be taken while making up such user stories as these are often misleading to both the customers as well as the development team.

Consider It A Necessary Task

Most of the development team does not consider user stories to be useful and necessary for the job. They think it is a sheer waste of time and effort. Simply considering it as a lean thinking they doit because there is no other way but to do less values added service. You must be critical about it as it is the duty of the development team and not a role that has to be performed by the consumers. You must make sure that it is used for structural reframing to provide better functionality and increase the characteristic quality of the code.

Admittance And Addressing Tech Debt

Admitting that tech debt occurs and addressing it at the earliest to provide the users with the desired value is the responsibility of the development team for the code and not of the user of the system. Therefore, it should not be put in the backlog terming as user stories. It is true that there is a relation between the user stories and the technical task but there is also a lot of difference. User stories tell about the requirements about the user that they want from the system. Technical task on the other hand is the simple implementation of a specific portion of the user story.

Relation With Technical Task

There may be a direct as well as indirect relation of user story and technical task and therefore the development team may think that there is no need to deal with those that are not related directly. Well, this should not be the practice. On the contrary create your own user story for each of them during the prioritization process so that you are sure about the necessity of the technical task and the immediate beneficiaries of it. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate the technical task as a user story so that even the stakeholders understand the necessity of it.

Eliminate The Difference In Opinions

Such formulations eliminate any chances of difference in opinions between the code developers and the stakeholders regarding technical tasks. Visit here to know about technical tasks and formulation. It will result in fruitful discussionsgiving priority to the job. It will also make things visible to the product owners and stakeholders.