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Frequently Asked Questions About CRT 2000 CB SSB Radio

Even though it is license-free and it does not require additional payments, people neglect the existence of CB radios in general.

That is the main reason why we decided to help you decide whether you need it. In the further text, we will talk about general questions people ask when it comes to CB radios.

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The idea is to help you understand the overall process, so that you can prepare yourself. Let us see the frequently asked questions that people are wondering about:

What Type Of Antenna You Should Get?

You should remember that it is not that simple to answer on this particular question, because everything depends on the installation you want to use. Have in mind that home installation usually comes with two different types of antennas you can choose including:

  • Omni-Directional – This particular one can easily send and receive signals in all directions with the equal strength. At the same time, beam will concentrate signal in a single direction, which will provide you a possibility to enjoy in better range based on the direction you pointed in the first place. Remember that you have to rotate it based on the direction of station you wish to contact. In general, it is simple to use and it will provide peace of mind
  • Mobile – On the other hand, mobile antennas will provide you wide array of styles based on your preferences. You can choose gutter lip mounts, magnetic mounts, mirror mounts, trunk lip mounts and permanent mounts. All of them feature specific benefits and downsides, which is something you should remember. The best place to mount it is on your vehicle, which is why we recommend you to find the one with highest gain rating.

How Far Can Citizen Broadcast Reach?

This is another question that comes with multiple answers depending on what you wish to achieve and do with the citizen broadcast radio in the first place. You can easily expect the reach between one and fifteen miles between mobile units.

However, it depends on various factors including terrain, how crowded the channel is, as well as number of receiving/transmitting units between the antenna and base units.

Remember that you will be able to reach up to thirty miles of base units, which is important consideration to remember.

You should know that CRT 2000 SSB is great solution for your daily needs when it comes to CB radios.

What Should You Know About Channel 9?

It is vital to remember that Channel 9 is emergency contact channel created by FCC. Therefore, you will be able to use it all across the USA, while you should remember that other places and countries do not have official designation similar as this particular one.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to notice stations conducting reports about traffic congestion and other issues that may happen along the way.

You can find numerous stations across the country including the ones owned by rescue agencies and police that monitor this particular channel for medical emergencies, vehicle breakdowns, accidents and other issues that may happen along the way.

What Is Skip?

In usual situation, citizen broadcast radio transmissions are short range and line of site. However, in certain cases, the earth atmosphere can act as a mirror that will bounce signal to far locations.

If you remember that CB signal goes up and away from your antenna, it means that with right conditions you can skip radio into the atmosphere so that people from thousands of miles away can listen to you.

However, it is possible to use CB in California and to talk with someone residing in New Jersey if the conditions are right. Remember that according to regulations, skip conditions became legal in fall of 2017, so you can enjoy all the way.

You can check out this site: to learn more about Channel 9.

Should You Use A Linear Amplifier?

Remember that most CB radios tend to operate by using five watts input, which will provide you four watts of output. In case you decide to use additional power that may affect and interfere with neighbor’s electronic appliances including VCRs, TVs, stereos and landlines.

Therefore, it is illegal to do it, and it will not make you popular among neighbors due to these issues that may happen. At the same time, they can file a complaint against you, which will bring you hefty fines.