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Fundraising After Covid: Tips for Starting In-Person Events Again

The current pandemic and health threat of Covid-19 has affected countless industries, including nonprofits. The world has seen a tremendous amount of suffering that extends beyond the health crisis to economic struggles. While nonprofit software and nonprofit data management best practices help organizations plan for disasters and curb expectations in the event of national crises, nothing prepared nonprofits for the current conditions or restrictions of operations.

Out of the struggle has come a new understanding of adaptation and perseverance. Also, with vaccines now out in force, companies, and nonprofits can begin planning for the future, for a return to normal, but there is no return without planning.

As the world reopens and the public begins to participate freely again, organizations need to realize that things will require a level of caution. People will probably have difficulty trusting establishments. Even those who are vaccinated might fear the potential of infection from some other variant. Therefore, to establish public trust and participation, nonprofits will need to take steps to ensure public safety and earn its confidence.

Advertise the Steps You Are Taking to Ensure Everyone’s Safety

Primarily, organizations should take steps to inform the public of changes for safety. For example, limiting the capacity for events, providing adequate space to maintain social distancing, and adhering to all public safety regulations are all steps you can take publicize.

If you want to see if your messaging is working, you can review your Salesforce data integration. By reviewing your numbers, you can see if events are experiencing the level of participation you need. If you find it challenging to encourage in-person participation, consider reaching out to your donors and requesting feedback.

Place Hand Sanitizing Stations Around Your Venue

Another step you can take to help people feel more at ease gathering for an in-person event is to place hand sanitizing stations around the venue. The sight of these stations can demonstrate an organization’s commitment to healthy gatherings, helping to put people’s minds at ease.

However, the most effective tool for understanding the mind of a donor is the donor. The best way to ensure participation is to reach out and ask how your organization can help donors feel safe at in-person events. Yes, tell them everything you are doing, but open the lines of communication. Sometimes, your donors will bring up problems or solutions you and your team didn’t even consider.

Nonprofit organizations are unique business entities because of the level of communication and commitment between the heads of the company and the donors. Encouraging in-person events in the age of Covid might seem impossible, but with open and honest dialogue, there is nothing that can’t be overcome.

Is your nonprofit ready to put the Covid crisis in the rearview and start in-person events? If so, don’t rush the process. Instead, reach out to your donors and explain how you are making changes, and ask if there is anything else you can do to motivate individual donors to participate in in-person events. You can also reach out to a nonprofit data management service to discuss any potential insights.