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How Beneficial Is Web Hosting?

A web host is a place that helps to store your computer files, like HTML, pictures, videos, documents, and much more. The term web hosting means the company rents their computer and servers to store the website. This enables access to internet connection and files stored on the website.

Here’s a guide to hosting that can be useful to understand the term “web hosting.”

What are the different types of web hosting?

Web hosting is categorized into four types:

  1. Shared
  2. Virtual Private Server
  3. Dedicated
  4. Cloud

All these kinds of hosting enable storing your files and information, but they might differ in storage capacity, server speed, consistency, and technical knowledge requirement.Image result for How Beneficial Is Web Hosting?

  • Shared hosting

Shared hosting name implies that you have to share your website space with many other websites. It could be in hundreds, or sometimes, thousands! This means you might have to share common server resources, such as CPU and RAM.

Shared hosting is extremely useful at the entry level because it requires minimum technical knowledge, cost-efficient, and moderate traffic can be developed. The disadvantage of shared hosting is that you don’t have access for the root, and this can affect your traffic level and website performance.

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)

The server is divided into virtual servers and the websites can be hosted on dedicated servers. You can share a server with limited users, and also have root access. If you want to have greater control for your websites,opt for VPS.

The drawback of VPS is that it can affect your website performance when you share it with other users. It does hold the ability to handle high traffic, but it’s limited!

  • Dedicated server

This server gives control to handle your website server, and you can rent the complete server for your website. You can store the complete information of your website on the server and this provides complete privacy. This server is expensive and highly recommendable for maximum control and better site performance.

  • Cloud hosting

This hosting provides ability to handle high traffic and it’s unlimited. Many servers align together to host the group of sites, which allows multiple systems to work together to regulate traffic. The drawback of the cloud hosting – it doesn’t provide root access because it needs to change the server settings and software installation.

Why do you need web hosting?

You can develop hosting that includes computers and a server for your website. Consider few parameters when you want to create one, like cost and site performance. There are other things that you should take into consideration, such as power outage, dynamic IP address, slow connection, and hardware maintenance.

It’s recommended and quite beneficial to hire professional web hosting than to decide self-hosting. Professional web hosting offers redundant power supply, super-fast and stable connectivity, static IP address, and hardware maintenance is taken care by the professional team.

Before you choose web hosting or decide on self-hosting, make sure you have the know-how of web hosting and its functionality. A guide to hosting is beneficial to understand web hosting and choose a type that appeals to you.