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How to Connect Tablet to a Projector Wirelessly

I really don’t fancy playing around projector Bangladesh but we still need to use them during work right? Okay, some of you use them in a house to view the Thor movie in high definition, but the one I’ll be touching today is the projector at work. At work, we need to connect our projector to our phones and sometimes our android tablets. There is a way that we can connect our phones wirelessly to our projector, but today, I’ll be talking about how to connect to a projector wirelessly with our tablets. Projectors can be done wirelessly apart instead of wires. Not all projectors can go wireless. Some do need some sort of wired connection in order for it to function. Some of them do not have the apps needed for it to function to connect with the project via the tablet. So how do we solve this problem? Sit tight and scroll down for more info.

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There is a thing called a Bluetooth Projector. It is an entirely portable projector that actually helps in file transfers via Bluetooth between the android tablets directly to the projector’s internal storage. The projector needs to have an internal storage to be able to store and receive the files and data. Files are transferred from the tablet to the projector are to be used in office presentations at work. Tablets can be found as rather useful as it can transfer data from the tablet to the projector at work. Then again, it has to be the latest portable projector to carry out such a feat. Microsoft publisher is one of the presentation apps to aid the user to transfer the data from the tablet to the projector. You must buy a portable projector with Bluetooth function in order for it to work. It can be obtained online from an electronic website or a computer website. As for the tablet, any phone shop will have it. You can also obtain a tablet via a retail store or buy it online as well.It can be obtained at a low price or if you want a discount price if they have promotions. Watch out for seasonal sales in order to grab a great deal. Projector and tablet, what do you think? It would be useful if you use your portable projector as well as an android tablet. Pretty handy to have both at hand during work, so that you can share the ideas with the office.

Next, we have the wireless projector. Some firms create projectors that connect to a computer through a shared Wi-Fi device. They also provide the free applications that enable the tablet to be connected to their projectors. The apps support both Android tablets and Apple devices. You can also use the latest pen drive that provides Wi-Fi support. This pen drive can connect to five devices at a time. You can store data from Microsoft Word to the pen drive, then transfer the data from the pen drive to the tablet, then store the data from the tablet to the projector. The pen drive is a Sandisk brand where you can obtain from an electronics shop on purchase online. It doesn’t cost a lot, but you might want to look at which storage you need that is suitable for your work. If it isn’t a lot, then you might want to invest in one of these pen drives. It may come in handy one day if you forget to put the data in the tablet or your phone. At least with the pen drive, you are safe. These projectors also come with apps that support your tablet, may it be apple or android. So don’t worry about not being able to run that presentation that you badly need to impress your boss. Public image lasts pretty long, so make sure you create a good impression in front of your colleagues at work. You never know you’re big boss might be hiding in the corner to watch your performance! As long as you have your Android tablet, your wireless pen drive, and your portable wireless projector, you are all set to go!

You can even make a video call by connecting the tablet with a projector, all you need is to have SIm card inserted within the tablet, you can also make international calls with Prepaid international SIM card which must be there in your mobile device.

Lastly, we need the apps to control the projection. After installing the app, double tap it to get it functioning. You can download the apps on android play store to get the projector functioning. If you need help, google it or go back to the same guy that you bought your projector from. The seller should be able to give you advice on how to use the projector or how to download the necessary apps needed for the projector. Please bear in mind that usually there will already be apps pre-installed in the projector. You will need the same app in your tablet as well as the one in the projector. The projector should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the app-both are needed to be linked up in order for it to function. Different projectors will have different set-ups, so each will differ. These are ways to connect the tablet to the projector.


We need certain things to aid us in our connection with the tablet and the projection. One, you need a wireless pen drive – as I mentioned earlier, the Sandisk pen drive. Comes in handy when you forgot to put the data in the tablet and you need a backup plan. Next, we still need to get someone to aid us if we can’t use a Bluetooth projector or a wireless projector. The seller that we have purchased these items from usually will tell you how to use it if you still don’t understand the manual given inside.  You still need to perform well in your work presented at the office, so it would be a good plan if you put the files needed in the tablet as well as the wireless pen drive. Try leaving the projector in the boot of the car if you forget to bring it to work. Always remember to pray first before going to work. All the best for your presentation! I hoped this article helped you out!

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