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How to Register a Used Car in India?

People always go for the best car available in the market. But if the budget has some limitation then one has to look for the other options available in the market. It may sound a little odd, but most of the people in India prefer used cars. People are crazy about cars and the second hand cars are ruling the Indian market because the prices are reasonable for Car Parts Audi A5 and others cars to meet the budget of most buyers and the cars are pretty decently maintained here

People travel to Mumbai to buy used car as they get at least 50 percent less than the showroom price. New models are also seen in the used car market at very nominal price. After buying a car, the next most important task is to register the car. Here’s a guide on how to register a used car in Mumbai or any other Indian city.

The Transport Department is responsible for providing smooth public transport all over the country. It’s the duty of all citizens to follow and implement them for the smooth transport system operations. All of us should religiously follow the rules set by the transport department.

As per the RTO rules, the used car buyer should re-register the car within 6 months of buying it. The vehicle should get transferred to the respective city RTO in the new owner’s name.

These steps are to be followed before registration:

  • The used car should pass an emission test
  • It should pass vehicle safety inspection
  • It should be covered by car insurance

Once you are ready with these documents, you need to fill in the required forms for registration of the used car in the new owner’s name. You will have to fill in Form 29 and Form 30 with all the needed details and signature of the seller and the buyer. Along with these forms, you will have to attach the emission test certification, RC card, insurance copy, and driving license copy. Pay the registration fee at the RTO cash counter. Attach the receipt also with the documents. Submit these documents to the RTO duly attested by the respective authorities.

Once you are done with this submission, you will get an acknowledgement. Within 30-45 working days, the new Registration Certificate will be sent to your mailing address. That’s it! The car you bought would now be registered under your name!