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How to Replace a Broken Laptop Screen of ASUS

A broken laptop screen can make the device unusable. The good news is, you can fix it. In this post, we give you step-by-step instructions on how to replace a cracked laptop LCD panel.

Whether it is cracked or it has too many blown pixels, a cracked or broken laptop display can literally stop you from continuing with your normal work. But with just a little technical know-how, the right tools, and patience, you can successfully replace your damaged LCD.

This post focuses on how to replace a damaged screen on an ASUS with LED-backlit LCD.

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Step 1: Get the necessary tools and a replacement screen

Step 2: Remove your laptop’s screen bezel

Connect the power supply and then remove the battery. After that, examine the bezel around the laptop screen and remove that bezel so that you can access the screws that are holding the LCD panel in place. After removing the screws, the bezel will snap into the lid if it there is no double-sided tape holding it into place.

Step 3: Remove the broken LCD panel

After exposing the LCD’s mounting brackets, go ahead and remove the screws that are securing it to the lid. Place the display with its front side facing downwards on the case and then disconnect its cable.

Now, find the manufacturer’s label and then record the model number. Use this model to buy the exact match for the broken screen for replacement.

Step 4: Install your new LCD panel

After getting the new screen, go ahead and unpack it and then confirm if it really matches the broken one. If the connector, mounting brackets, and dimensions all match the old one, you can now install the new screen on your ASUS mackbook. Start by connecting the new panel to the cable and then place the panel in the lid. Use appropriate screws to secure it appropriately.

Step 5: Test the new installed LCD panel before reinstalling the bezel

After installing the new LCD panel on your ASUS, you should test it first to ensure that it is working correctly before reinstalling back the bezel. Reconnect the battery and the power cable. Press the power button to turn your laptop on. If the display is working correctly, reinstall the bezel and reattach all the external screws and the rubber cushions as well. The repair process is complete now and you can continue using your machine. is professional Computer Screen Display trading and repaire wholesale provider, mainly focused on the screens for Dell,HP,Lenovo,Apple,ASUS,Acer and Microsoft.