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In-house or Outsource? Why Consider Call Center Outsourcing

Call centers handle numerous customer service needs ranging from appliance warranties to credit cards. Call center outsourcing involves contracting call services to a separate in-house or external specialist. Over the years, companies outsource to save money.

Outsourcing enables companies to get more call support services at lower costs. A strong telecommunications network is necessary for efficiency and consistency. Why outsource?

Expertise of Management and Support Staff

Call centers strive relentlessly to attract the best managers and staff with many years of experience. In-house call centers are limited in the development and acquisition of institutional skills and knowledge essential for top-tier service delivery. In-house centers are challenging since they only focus on one line of products and services.

Outsourcing attract and sustain top talent specialists in call center quality assurance, planning, training, and technology.

Cost Reduction

Outsourcing companies can spread equipment, facility, and training costs across multiple clients. Spreading lets the clients pay for services they need on a per hour or transaction basis. Additionally, the outsourcing agency can ‘share’ agents with multiple clients. This reduce idle time resulting in a lower cost-per-call rate.

Quality Monitoring and Control

First-call resolution and answer time are significant priorities among outsourcing companies since they determine the quality of the call center. The companies have performance assessment, monitoring tolls, and improvement plans implemented in place to guarantee all customers’ high service level agreements.

In-house call centers may not have the infrastructure and money needed for routine, constant quality monitoring and performance enhancement strategies.

Scalability and Flexibility

In-house call centers’ operations depend on the availability of agents, and function well when employees are available. Outsourcing call centers plan for call volume valleys and peaks, scheduling staff accordingly. Scheduling allows agents to work efficiently resulting in significant reduction in cost-per-call.

Outsourcing these services enable businesses to enjoy the availability of staff that can ramp up rapidly for significant campaigns or seasonal activities.

Access to Latest Technology

Companies continually research and extensively invest in the latest and most reliable technology for multichannel customer contact. Therefore, call center outsourcing lets you gain access to SMS text, VOIP, cloud-based platforms, email chat, and social channels.

The latest technology may prove quite expensive for installation in in-house call centers. These companies spread acquisition and maintenance costs across many customers. Therefore, access to these contemporary and state-of-the-art technologies become affordable.

To get the best with outsourcing, take your time when selecting a company. Consider the following factors:

  • Experience: Choose an experienced company dedicated to understanding your products and services.
  • Range of services: Pick a company offering full range of inbound call center services.
  • Capabilities: Ability to speak multiple languages is key.

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