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Key challenges customers face in enterprise mobile app development


The mobile app development companies face a lot of challenges while developing a customer facing enterprise mobile app. In order to develop a perfect app it is required to choose a right team, proper platform for developing your app, prioritize features, and select which development model suits the best. A perfect mobile app strategy is essential for the development of a mobile app.

Find right team

Clients who are looking for their mobile app development find it difficult to choose a right internal team who can understand their business requirements, goals and have problem solving skills. For this, the clients require a product manager who can monitor all the tasks and have the right perspective to solve any issues related to the product.

In the mobile app development process, UI/UX design plays an important role as it reflects your brand and engages your customers. So it is very essential to choose an experienced design team to make a meaningful and attractive design to your app.

Choose the platform

To choose a perfect platform to build your mobile application is a challenging task. Any best mobile app development company in Toronto can guide you through choosing the right platform for your app development. It is required to choose whether native or hybrid or web application is suitable for developing your app. Native apps are usually recommended for the development of many mobile applications as they offer better app performance and speed but it costs high. They even work better with hardware.

Prioritize features

During the development process, the enterprise may face challenges while prioritizing the features for the app. Even if they want to implement every feature requested by the user but that may harm the user experience and may spoil the overall purpose of the product. The features much needed and which are connected to the product must be included in the priority list. As app development is an iterative process, in order to achieve success the mobile app needs to be scalable. It will be highly impossible for your app growth if you incorporate all the features in your first iteration. Usually while prioritizing the features of your product, one should consider what are the major issues faced by the customers and how your app functionality can solve that problem.

Waterfall to Agile model

Usually many mobile app development companies in Toronto use waterfall methodology but to develop a customer-centric enterprise app, it is required to follow an agile methodology. For the successful development of an app, constant iterations of the product need to be implemented. Agile framework makes the process of mobile app development more efficient and feasible. Also by collecting feedback and applying changes to improve the quality of your product  will help you provide a better user experience. As customer expectations will always be high and if you are unable to solve their pain points, you are going to suffer from high customer rejection rates.


As customer facing enterprise apps come with a number of challenges, it is required to analyze the customer demands along with latest technologies. Inorder to tackle these challenges, we need to address them in the early stages and create a proper mobile app strategy to make sure that a successful product is delivered.