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Let the fun begin with RC cars

There is a treat for most of the RC fans because WLtoys 10428-C2 has launched a super powerful and fun filled desert buggy cross-country truck. The truck can run nearly anywhere. it can run on the road, desert, rocks, grass, muddy roads and it even runs well on the hills.

It comes with soft spring and super suspension travel feature which gives the truck great crawling and climbing support. The truck comes with the most exciting and challenging features that you are looking for. The truck is ready to run and ready to fill you with the thrill and excitement to enjoy each minute of it. Just fuel the truck and you are all set to go.

The truck comes with the very exciting and advanced features. It has the high torque of 540 motor which helps to speed the truck up 50 kilometers per hour with 2.4Ghz 2CH full proportional control with 100 m of the control range.

The truck has twin hammer front suspension and for the long travel suspension, the straight back bridge is present with long travel suspension which provides great trafficability to it.The truck has high strength of body structure which provides more durability to it. The rubber tires of the truck have inner sponge which provides with high-grip in the rubber tires. There is differential provides the more stable performance to the truck. The back has a real replaceable spare type for giving it a very cool effect.

WL toys 10428-C2 has the wheelbase of 300mm and the ground clearance of 70 mm. It is one of the 10 Cross-country RC Car with the wheel diameter of 110 mm and the wheel width of 25 mm. 540 brushed motor with 4- wheel drive gives an excellent grip and make it excellent to play with. Its remote control gives you the freedom to control the device from the distance of 100 m. Its transmitter can be easily operated with the four AA batteries. The Rc car needs 7.4V 2200mAh battery which weighs around  120.5g. The battery takes around 3 hours to be charged and it wiring time is 10 minutes. The battery weighs around 120.5g

Well, the car is very fun filled device for the kids but it is simply not suitable for the kids under 14 years age. The battery of the car should not be over charged or over-discharge the batteries. It is very important that you do not put the battery beside the high temperature condition. The kids alone won’t be able to operate the car so adult’s supervision is the must.